When Does The Penis Stop Growing?

when does the penis stop growing

If your penis doesn’t match your expectations, it keeps you wondering when does the penis stop growing and whether it already reached full size.

It’s not a secret that most men tend to associate their masculinity with their penis size. The bigger the penis, the more confident the man usually feels.

The subject of penis size is especially sensitive to younger men. Most of them are still developing and their penises are still growing. Yet, due to exposure to porn and various other reasons, men tend to set themselves some unrealistic standards which can result in severe mental insecurities and issues.

In order to better understand what you can expect from your penis, let’s review some essential data about penis growth, including expected growth spurts and learning when does the penis stop growing.

Penis Growth Spurts

Just like the average human body experiences most growth spurts around puberty, the same applies to the penis. Usually, puberty starts when a boy is from 9 to 14 years old. On average, puberty lasts about 5 years.

However, puberty can start early and last until you’re around 20 years old. During this period, a man can expect his penis to grow the most just like the body usually changes the most.

So, when does the penis stop growing? in general, most men will experience little to no penile growth after puberty. However, there are men who still experience visible penis growth in their 20s.

Yet, if you are already past your puberty and over 20 – 21 years old, you shouldn’t expect your penis to grow much because that is very unlikely to happen.

Average Penis Size Worldwide

As I mentioned at the beginning, many men tend to underestimate their penis size. However, according to numerous researches, 81-87% of men worldwide fit into the average penis size category.

average penis size

Even though the average penis varies by country, the measurements usually fit within these numbers:

  • Average penis length (erect) – 5.16 inches
  • Average penis circumference (erect) – 4.69 inches

Personally, I would recommend to care only about the size of the erect penis and not worry too much if your penis doesn’t fit the average flaccid dimensions. Why? There are penises that are Growers and there are penises that are Showers.

If you’re not familiar with these terms, let me explain you in more detail.

  • A Grower is a penis that is on the smaller side when flaccid, yet grows a significant amount when erect.
  • A Shower is a penis that can be pretty much the same size when flaccid and when erect.

While some men believe that their penis should be long when flaccid, I find that to be not important. A shorter penis is a lot more comfortable in the underwear and doesn’t require much adjustment.

That’s why if you have a Grower – worry not, most likely you have the luxury of fewer adjustments on a daily basis. If you want to learn more about the average penis size, you can read my in-depth article here.

From Micropenis To Huge Dick

Even though most men fit into the average penis category, there are exceptions.

The extremity of a very short penis is called a micropenis. A penis is considered to be micro only when it is shorter than 2 34 inches when erect. Only in this case, your penis can be considered to be too small. This condition is very rare and only affects 0.6% of men worldwide.

If you find yourself somewhere in between the average size and a micropenis, you can consider getting a penis extender that can help you grow an additional inch or two without the need for surgical interventions. You can learn more about penis extenders and how they work here.

The other extremity of penis size is having a super long one. While many men imagine that it’s a blessing, many testimonials show that it can be pretty challenging.

Currently, the longest penis measures 13.5 inches in length when erect. This means that basically, every activity you do requires adjustments, special underwear, and extra caution.

During sex, women can find the penis to be too big, going to the public bathroom requires extra effort just not to touch the seat, just imagine finding pants that could fit your penis, or special underwear for summer so that your penis wouldn’t show from shorts.

So, just like a penis can be too small, it can also be too big. That’s why you should stop worrying about your average penis and just enjoy life.

Will My Penis Become Bigger?

Whether your penis will become bigger strongly depends on you and your maturity.

When does the penis stop growing? If you are still under 21 years old, there is a great chance that your penis is still growing and you shouldn’t worry about its size.

However, if you are a fully grown man who already passed puberty, there’s a great chance that your penis is fully grown and won’t show any visible changes size-wise.

If the second description fits you, there are still ways for you to increase your penis size, it varies from simple exercises to invasive surgery.

Note: don’t ever buy any penis pills that promise you penis growth. They have no scientific data to prove their claims and are a waste of money.

Here are some popular methods that men use to increase their penis size in order to avoid surgery:

In general, the stretching exercises and penis exercises are designed to give semi-permanent or permanent results. However, an extender needs to be used for at least a month to see visible results. The exercises might require at least 4-6 months for the first results.

To put it in other words, a penis extender does the same thing as penis exercises, however, it does it more efficiently and you literally have your hands free during the whole process.

When it comes to penis pumps, they can help men only with temporary penis enlargement and are usually used right before sex. Penis enlargement pumps are very popular among men who have erectile dysfunction. The effects of a penis pump usually wear off within 30 minutes.

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

How to get a bigger penis? What is a small penis? Is my penis small? When does the penis stop growing? How can I increase my penis size?

These are some of the most researched questions online about the penis. What all of these questions have in common is size.

As you can see, most of these questions have an I in them, so it’s pretty safe to assume that the owners of the penises are researching the topic and not their partners.

According to various researches, more than 85% of women are perfectly satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis. This means that only around 15% of women are not happy with their partner’s penis size. So, it’s only 3 out of 20 women. That’s why it is pretty safe to say that the penis size is more important to its owner rather than the partner.

Due to the fact that men often associate their penis with masculinity, believing that your penis is too small can lead to low self-esteem which can result in difficulty to find a partner in the first place.

Penis Size and Psychology

growing penis

As I mentioned above, 85% of women who participated in a survey were satisfied with their partner’s penis size. However, only 55% of men were satisfied with the size of their privates.

The numbers don’t lie. Roughly, there are more than 30% of men who are not happy with their penis size while their partners are most likely perfectly happy.

This means that the penis size problem does not come from a relationship or a partner. So, scientists try to find out what causes men to be unhappy with their privates.

The potential reasons for that vary from seeing bigger penises in the locker room and getting concerned about too much exposure to porn.

Personally, I believe that it could be mostly porn to blame. Pornographic movies mostly feature men with penises that are basically reaching the chins of the actors. So, a youngster can get pretty self-conscious if he watches a lot of porn and constantly compares himself to the actor with a huge penis.

Firstly, every man needs to understand that those men are the minority of the world and they were hired for the job especially because of their penis size.

Just like you watch movies and understand that many situations don’t happen in real life, you need to understand that the same applies to penis size. Most guys are average (I am as well).

How Can I Increase Penis Size Naturally?

As I briefly mentioned before, there are several ways to increase penis size naturally, without the need to undergo surgery.

The first method that men use are penis pumps, however, it might not be what you are looking for.

Penis pumps are very popular among men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. When using it, due to the vacuum that forms around the penis when pumping, additional blood gets drawn to the penis.

That penis helps get a bigger and bolder erection that usually lasts enough time to have sex. However, once the penis pump’s effects wear off the penis size returns back to normal.

In general, it’s an easy fix that works most of the time, however, it doesn’t give any permanent gains.

When the penis stops growing by itself and you are sure that you want and need a permanent or at least semi-permanent increase in size, you could consider special exercises or a penis extender.

Penis Exercises and Extenders

Both penis exercises and extenders work in the same manner. The only difference is that the exercises require a lot of manual work and the extender requires an investment. Yet, it does the job for you, and usually results become visible faster.

That is because the device is usually worn for at least several hours per day, while when it comes to exercises, most men don’t have the luxury to keep their hands busy for such lengthy periods of time.

What the exercises and the extender does is called penis stretching.

The process of stretching your penis is very similar to growing muscle when doing exercises. In short, the process can be divided into 3 steps:

  1. The stretching – in order to naturally enlarge the penis, you need to apply regular stretches on it. You can do that by yourself or use a penis extender.
  2. Micro-tears – the stretches cause microscopic tears to form in the penile tissue. Worry not, the process is pain-free and invisible to the naked eye.
  3. Cell split – when the tears form, your body starts healing them by forcing the penile tissues to split until the tears are healed. This process is called mitosis and it’s completely natural.

The result you get is a naturally enlarged penis. So, in some sense, the answer to the question of when does the penis stop growing also depends on your choices. Also, some exercises and extenders are capable to help men with curved penises.

If you really feel like you need to enlarge your penis naturally – there are ways, yet they require time and dedication. You can read about it in more detail here.

Final Thoughts on When Does The Penis Stop Growing

In general, the answer to when does the penis stops growing question is after you’re fully mature. That means that your penis grows until you reach 20 years of age and maybe even later. As you know, all bodies are different.

While many men are dissatisfied with their penis size, their partners are 30% less likely to have issues with the penis size.

One of the most common reasons that lead to men believing that their penis is too small is frequent exposure to porn. Constantly comparing yourself to actors that are gifted in the private part area, can lead to low self-esteem that can even result in difficulty to form relationships.

When it comes to naturally enlarging the penis, there are several ways a man can do that without undergoing surgery, such include penis stretching exercises, penis extenders and pumps for a quick gain.

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