Virtual Sex

Virtual Sex

During these tough COVID-19 self-isolation times, there are more than ever long distance relationships that aren’t actually that long in distance. Naturally, virtual life is taking over and in many cases, sexual life is replaced with virtual sex.

Recently I spoke with a friend in Spain, currently he can’t see his girlfriend, even though she lives just across the street. He asked me how can he keep up the spark? Virtual sex and VR sex I suggested.

Virtual sex today is very advanced and can be beneficial to single people as well as couples.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a long distance relationship, in self-isolation or simply want to spice up your solo pleasure time, there are ways you can enjoy virtual sex and virtual reality sex.

Before we start, let’s separate the terms virtual sex and virtual reality (VR) sex. The word reality is the key in separating these terms. Virtual sex involves only real people. Virtual reality sex can involve fictional characters and fictional reality as well.

Virtual and VR Sex Benefits

Virtual and VR Sex comes with numerous benefits for couples and for singles. So, it doesn’t matter what your relationship status is, there’s something in the digital world that you can enjoy.

Virtual and VR Sex Benefits For Couples

There comes a time in every couple’s life when you can’t see each other for some time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a long distance relationship, traveling for business or are in self-isolation, there are ways your relationship can benefit from virtual sex:

Stay Connected

Not being able to see each other for a long time can become challenging mentally as well as physically. Even though you do your best to keep the romantic going with sweet texts, thoughtful gifts and long video calls, living without sex for a month or more, can be pretty challenging for many individuals. So, virtual sex can help you make your sexual activity more frequent.

Avoid Frustration

If you’re separated for a shorter period of time, most likely you won’t face this issue. However, being apart for long periods can be very mentally challenging, as you can’t fell the touch of your loved one. To avoid such frustration, virtual communication and sex can be used.

Choose the Best Form

Great sex comes from comfort and communication. Virtual sex comes in various forms, so it can be all about communication or communication with visualizations. If camera sex sounds a bit too much for you, you can choose phone sex and ease into it.

Unleash Creativity

This is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest things about virtual sex. It makes you creative. Since you can no longer express your passion through the sense of touch, you will have to describe what and how you’re doing something to your partner. At first it may be difficult but with time your virtual sex will become super kinky and sexy. Trust me.

Virtual Sex Feels Real

Can Feel Real

Once you and your partner get in your comfort zone, virtual sex can feel as good as the real deal. When you’re comfortable enough to fully follow your partner’s directions or guide him / her – virtual sex will feel super sexy and exciting.

Partner Controlled Sex Toys

The sex toys industry is advancing very fast and currently there are various sex toys that you can use to enhance your virtual sex experience. There are dildos, prostate massagers, electronic masturbators that can be controlled remotely, through an app. You can read about them more here.

Virtual and VR Sex Benefits For Solo Use

You don’t need to be in a relationship to benefit from virtual and VR sex. Some people do it out of curiosity, others from loneliness. Either way, there are benefits from solo virtual and VR sex usage.

Helps Fight Loneliness

Many single people tend to feel lonely from time to time. In some cases, such loneliness results in random hook ups in bars, mobile apps or dating platforms. While some find love this way, others are pretty straight-forward and are into them solely for sex. However you shouldn’t mix sex with feelings and in many cases, most hook ups don’t bring you fulfillment on the long term. On the contrary they just make you feel worse. That’s where virtual and VR sex can help you. However, there’s no need to jump straight to sex. You can start from virtual conversations and interaction.

Helps With Fantasies

According to a survey, 3 out of 4 people admit to have fetishes. So, virtual sex and VR sex can help you fulfill them without the need of involving anyone else. As you know, sex fetishes vary, from very light ones to super harsh ones that can actually hurt someone. So, VR sex could help people safely explore their sexuality.

Male Sex Toys

Prevents Diseases

If VR sex could reduce random hook ups, it could actually reduce the spread of STDs. Admit it, no drunk person in a bar who wants to have sex ever asked the potential partner for their health records. So, your sexual frustration can result in a nasty sexually transmitted disease. No one wants that. Yes, yes, a condom help but condoms also break.

Can Feel Real

VR sex has come a long way and paired with the right toys can feel like the real deal. Automatic masturbators that work in sync with VR content is just the tip of the iceberg.

VR and Virtual Sex Downsides

While VR and virtual sex comes with many benefits for your physical and mental health, it comes with numerous downsides that you need to consider. As I often say: with great pleasure comes an even greater responsibility.

Social Isolation and Physical Issues

Frequent virtual and VR sex use can lead to some serious social isolation. Constantly being held in the virtual world reduces your social and physical skills.

By constantly being trapped in the virtual world you miss out on a lot of physical activity. It doesn’t matter whether it’s video games or virtual sex, constant sitting in a chair can result in severe muscle loss and overall weaker health.

Virtual Sex Downsides

Reality Sense Loss

When you get consumed by the virtual world, your real friendships and relationships are replaced with virtual ones. This way a person can lose the sense of reality and forget that what’s allowed in the virtual reality is not allowed in the real world.

Difficulty to Form Relationships

Hiding behind a computer and interacting via messages is a lot easier then speaking with people in real-life. You have time to come up with witty and smart responses, take as much time as you need to reply and so on. However, in real-life you don’t have such luxuries and need to do everything instantly.

Getting caught up in virtual reality can lead to becoming socially isolated and losing communication skills which are essential to forming friendships and relationships.

TIP: don’t lose yourself in the virtual world and find a balance with real world. Virtual sex can be super beneficial and fun. However, don’t turn it into an addiction and play responsibly. 😉

How to Start?

For those who haven’t tried virtual sex, at first it will seem awkward. For 98 percent of the population, at least. Naturally, before you engage in any actual sex activity, you will need to discuss it with your partner to find out how he or she feels.

What To Do If Your Partner is Shy?

There are some people who overall don’t enjoy being in the virtual world, they don’t like their photos being published anywhere, especially social media. Such people might find virtual sex a bit too much of exposure. However, here are some tips that can help your partner fell more comfortable at the beginning:

  • Start from phone sex. Phone sex is a great intro into the world of virtual sex. Since it doesn’t require any video footage, it’s a great starting point for shy individuals.
  • No faces on camera. Even though you and your partner trust each other, there are many people who don;t want to show themselves naked in front of the camera, in case the video leeks and he r she can be easily identified. So, to make your partner more comfortable, you can offer the no face on camera policy.
  • Be the first to get naked on camera. If you’re the one to get naked first in front of the camera, it could make your partner feel more comfortable, as you’re as naked and exposed as he or she will be.

Where To Start + Essential Tips

Once you and your partner agree that you’re going to start your virtual sex journey, it can get confusing on how to actually do it.

First things first, take care of your environment. Find a way to put yourself in a sexy mood. Candles, dimmed light, maybe a bathtub?

Second, my essential recommendation for virtual sex would be to reflect on your regular sex habits and try to recreate them from a distance.

You can even start from sending each other some dirty sequences of emojis when you feel like it’s time for sex session.

Feel Connected

Another important thing is foreplay and teasing each other. Try dirty talking, nip slips and other sexy previews of what your significant other is missing out on when being away.

There are no rules to virtual sex. There’s only you and your partner. You can do whatever feels great for you.

However, the main difference between the two, is that virtual sex requires a lot of talking. By a lot, I do mean A LOT. You will need to be able to give your partner instructions, as well as be able to listen and follow them.

TIP: be sure to discuss each of your sex sessions after. Tell your partner what you liked and what you didn’t like. Be sure to give suggestions of what you would like for the next time.

Once you get comfortable with virtual sex, or if you’re already are and currently search ways you can improve it, consider advanced sex toys for long distance relationships.

Virtual Sex Toys

Believe it or not, long distance relationship sex toys can be the best thing for keeping the spark alive. Currently there are toys that can take your virtual sex to the next level. Some of them re-create your partners private parts, while others work in sync and really make virtual sex seem super real. Here are your best sex toys for long distance relationships:

Kiiroo Onyx+ and Pearl2

Electric Masturbators That Work in Sync

Kiiroo Onyx+ and Pearl2
Pearl2 and Onyx+

Check Price

This is literally as close as you can get to recreating sex in a distance. Kiiroo Onyx+ and Pearl2 are capable to work in sync, just like your and your partner’s bodies do during sex.

These two electric vibrators can be used separately or together.

Kiiroo Onyx+ can stimulate the penis with incredible speed of 140 strokes per minute. While Pearl2 can stimulate the G-Spot for the female. It can also be controlled directly from the Onyx+.

I personally own an Onyx+ and it literally is the best male masturbator that I have ever encountered. It is the perfect investment for a long distance relationship or to spice up your solo sex life. You can read my full review of the sex toy here.

Clone a Willy + Clone a Pussy

Recreate your Partner’s Genitals

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Well, if you’re not familiar with Clone a Willy – it’s a super fun kit that allows you to recreate your partner’s genitals from silicone.

The process is super easy and fun if you’re doing it together with your partner.

So, if you want your partner’s genitals to stimulate you during virtual sex, this is your best option.

I have personally cloned my willy, so if you’re curios about the process, you can read about it in my Clone a Willy review.


Being in a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean being in a sexless relationship. Virtual sex helps many couples around the world keep the spark alive.

You can easily enhance your long-distance sex life by using sex toys or playing sexual games.

Overall, real sex or virtual sex is great for your health and helps reduce stress. However, you shouldn’t get too caught up in the virtual world as it breaks social bonds. Enjoy responsibly!

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