Sex Toys Myths Debunked

sex toys myths

Despite sex toys existing for centuries, many people still remain shy about this topic. For some, it’s still taboo and sex toys are considered to be some sort of evil device. Such point of view led to various sex toys myths and urban legends that may sound pretty absurd, yet you can still hear people talking about them.

Since there are many sex toy myths, I’ve collected the ones I’ve encountered most. In this article, I’ll try to explain why they are wrong (at least partially) and will try to reduce your fear of sex toys (if you have one).

Here are eight of the most popular sex toy myths explained and debunked.

#1 Sex Toys Are For Single People Only

One of the most common sex toys myths is that they are designed to replace person-to-person intercourse. Or, to put it in other words, people believe that sex toys are something to keep you entertained while you’re in between relationships.

While it’s a good way to keep yourself entertained when you’re single, sex toys are a lot more than that. There are many advanced sex toys that can help people who are in long-distance relationships, as well as those who want to spice things up in the bedroom.

Using sex toys does not mean that there’s something wrong with your relationship. It just means that you enjoy discovering new sensations and new heights of pleasure.

So, single or not, as long as you and your partner both enjoy using sex toys, you can be sure that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you or your relationship.

#2 Very Low Percentage of People Use Sex Toys

A common sex toys myth is that it has a very narrow market. However, this statement couldn’t be more wrong.

In various adult age categories, usage of sex toys is usually at least 20 to 50 percent. While sex toys are still more popular among women, the pandemic caused the interest of men in sex toys to grow.

Even without the pandemic, within recent years, the interest in sex toys has grown a lot. With people becoming more and more open-minded about sex, they’re becoming more open to the idea of sex toys

#3 Sex Toys Ruin Relationships

sex toys myths about realtionship

Another popular myth about sex toys is that they ruin relationships. Some people believe that if you bring sex toys into a relationship – it means that there’s something wrong with it. One may say that your partner can’t satisfy you or make you excited. Or simply that you no longer want sex with your partner.

However, from my personal experience, I can say that this myth is wrong. First, sex toys make sex easier. Using sex toys means that you and your partner can get more stimulation in more body places with less effort. Let’s say, during penetrative sex the clitoris can be stimulated by a toy, so both partners have free hands and can concentrate on the pleasure. The same goes when it comes to prostate toys and prostate stimulation.

Second, you can get more diverse experiences. Different sex toys give you the freedom of experiencing diverse stimulations in places you might find it difficult to reach and remove the multitasking need. So, overall, sex toys can make your sex life and relationship more exciting, rather than ruin it.

However, both partners need to be comfortable around them. So, if you want them and your partner hasn’t tried yet – start small. Introduce the thought first, then if they’re okay with it – choose something you both would like and find exciting. From what I experienced, when you start with the first one, it’s super easy to get some more.

#4 Sex Toys Cause Erectile Dysfunction

One of the weirdest sex toys myths that I have ever heard is that sex toys cause Erectile Dysfunction. Sex toys have nothing to do with problems of getting it up. On the contrary, sex toys can actually help men with ED to get their sex life back to normal.

Sex toys, such as cock rings were created to prolong erections as it helps the blood to stay in the penis. Another thing that is not technically a sex toy – a penis pump, can help get the penis hard in the first place.

So, as you can see, sex toys don’t cause Erectile Dysfunction. It helps you deal with it. While they can’t eliminate the cause of ED, sex toys can at least help you normalize your sex life and gain your confidence back.

#5 Sex Toys Mean That Your Partner Can’t Satisfy You

sex toys in relationship

Another common sex toys myth is related to partners not being able to satisfy each other. Well, it could be true in some cases, however, it’s not in most.

Many couples that are perfectly capable to satisfy each other use sex toys. Why? Simply for fun. Being able to talk to your partner about what you like in bed, what turns you on and gives you pleasure is the strongest form of intimacy that you can achieve.

Sex is super personal and being able to open up about it to someone means that you have a very deep bond. That’s why feeling comfortable using sex toys in bed and not feeling intimidated about the fact that they can do part of the job for you simply means that you’re very confident with your relationship.

And that’s the opposite of not being able to satisfy your partner.

#6 Anal Sex Toys Make You Gay

Somehow, many men tend to believe that using anal sex toys can actually make them gay. Or simply that anal sex toys are solely for gay guys.

However, that’s wrong. Gay or straight, men have the prostate gland, also known as the P-spot which is very sensitive to stimulation and can give men MULTIPLE orgasms. Yes, everything you were always jealous women can have, you can have as well.

Prostate orgasms can be achieved by stimulating the prostate internally and from the outside. Why you need internal stimulation if you can get an orgasm from stimulating from the outside, you wonder? Well, internal stimulation is more direct and requires a lot less effort in order to reach climax.

So, stimulating a part of your body doesn’t affect your sexual orientation. By touching your prostate, you won’t become more / less attracted to men than you already are.

Prostate stimulation and sexual orientation are not related.

#7 Anything is a Sex Toy (If You’re Brave Enough)

anythng can be a sex toy

Well, this is one of the worst sex toys myths that I have ever encountered. There are people who still believe that buying sex toys is somehow shameful and a waste of money. However, they still search for sex toy replacements in their everyday household items.

That’s how broomsticks and zucchinis become dildos or men end up having sex with a pie like that guy from the American Pie movie. While there are some things that you can use as a sex toy, such as a sock or a rolled towel, that are soft and basically harmless, most stuff could seriously hurt you.

Using hard, sharp and firm objects could seriously hurt you, instead of giving you pleasure. So, always be mindful about what you are doing because otherwise, you can end up seriously hurting yourself. Many people end up in the emergency room due to inserting various phallic-shaped objects into their anuses or vaginas and end up with them stuck. So, if you think that being embarrassed will be your biggest problem – think twice.

So, better get a simple and cheaper sex toy than risking your health. That’s why rolling a towel into a pocket pussy is ok, however, using zucchini instead of a dildo is not. Be mindful. Don’t hurt yourself.

#8 Sex Toys Ruin Sex

The last popular sex toy myth is about them ruining sex. This myth claims that people using sex toys get addicted to them and end up being unable to achieve orgasm through penetrative sex with a person.

This myth is partially true. Currently, there are many super-advanced sex toys available in the market. Also, no one besides you can know 100% accurately where and how to touch you to get the best response. If you’re open about what you like and guide your partner to give you pleasure – most likely with time they become very good at it, yet, people are not robots so it’s impossible to achieve 100% accuracy each time.

There is a thing called sex toys addiction, however, it’s not a thing that happens overnight, so there is no need to be scared. The essential thing to keep in mind is that sex toy is not something to replace human connection. If you feel like you can’t spend a night or two without your toys, it’s a good sign that you should stop.

Otherwise, using sex toys every once in a while, alone or with a partner, won’t cause you harm. On the contrary, it will make things more fun and adventurous.

Final Words on Sex Toys Myths

There are many sex toys myths, just like there are many myths about other things. Some of them are completely ridiculous, while some are partially true. That’s why it is important to always check your facts instead of blindly believing every piece of information that someone tells you.

Be mindful, enjoy life (and an occasional sex toy). It doesn’t matter whether you’re single or in a relationship – sex toys can be beneficial and give you a relaxing orgasm after a long day at work.

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