Semen Retention: Why Do People Practice That?  

semen retention

I’ve been spending like crazy these few days. And it’s not just because it’s the holidays. I’ve had a feeling for some time now that I hadn’t spent at all in the last few months. So in my own twisted logic, I decided I deserve to splurge. Needless to say, I’m not very good at self-control. And because it’s the day after Christmas and it’s time I finally sat down and wrote something, I choose to talk about semen retention.

Wait, I know I just jumped into talking about this topic without any prior priming…but spending money, or rather not spending money took me directly to semen retention (at least that way I’m saving something, if not my money). And hey, I write about all things sex and sexual health, so that’s just how my mind works. 

And before I begin I’ll just add that it’s sort of distracting when there’s music playing in the background – which there is right now. So, an interesting topic such as this would just be perfect to write about and keep me engaged.

Now Then, What Will This Article Be About? 

Well of course, firstly the basics – why people do it, how to do it, what are the benefits of semen retention. You know, the usual. And then, if this distracting music permits me, I’ll add some Christmas anecdotes…but maybe not. You don’t want to hear about my great aunt or what my second cousin did at the dinner table.

Ah, but I will tell you how to start doing it. As in, how to practice semen retention, not how to talk about great aunts or second cousins – because that would just be weird. I have a feeling this article is going to meander a lot. But let’s move ahead anyway.

What Is Semen Retention In The First Place?

Before I move on to how to do this, I’ve got to tell you what this actually is. Semen retention is basically when you don’t want to ejaculate. You retain the semen in your body for a period longer than usual. Semen retention does not primarily necessitate you to exclude yourself from having sex. But not engaging in physical intercourse is the most simple way of retaining semen.

Besides abstaining from sex, semen retention is also when you get aroused but don’t pleasure yourself to your release. And what’s surprising is, this practice isn’t a new thing. It’s been here for centuries.

I mean, just look at the stories throughout history that revolve around a man’s semen. People, even today, ahem, want to shoot bigger loads. And this is only because they take the volume of semen, subconsciously at times, as something that indicates how much of a “man” they are. 

This is one of the latent reasons behind why people practice semen retention – this is what semen retention is! You conserve your semen because you believe it’ll revitalize you, energize you, and make you, sort of, supreme. And, because when you have practiced semen retention for some time, your load is going to be massive when you finally decide to shoot again.

So, Why Do People Practice Semen Retention?

Where’s the fun in it? Why are the cool kids doing it, huh? Why have all the cool kids been doing it for some time now? Well, there are many reasons why one of the cool kids – meaning you and I – would consider practicing something like semen retention. Apart from my will to save something, theories say that semen retention can have some potential benefits. 

These benefits can be both mental (the emotional aspect of it) and physical (how and what it has to do with strength). There’s also a spiritual angle to it. I already talked about how semen retention can have latent meanings in the above section. Moreover, some actually believe that losing semen makes you weaker as a man. To that, I say, “what now?” but people, obviously, have their very own set of beliefs.

I’ll go into detail in just these next sections. Therefore, to provide you with an overview about it:

  • Firstly, people practice semen retention because of the mental factors. The sense of control that comes with accomplishing something like this is huge. It gives you the ultimate boost of confidence! Once you finish your first goal – a certain time period – you’re motivated to overcome even a greater challenge. And gradually, this confidence moves to other areas of your life. Semen retention might actually help in fulfillment of your goals – sexual or otherwise.
  • People practice semen retention also because they want to test out the physical benefits that might come with it. Well, to begin with, your sperm quality will improve. You have improved vitality and will be more excited (duh). 
  • Some say semen retention will help ward off anxiety and help with depression. The spiritual awakening that comes with practicing semen retention is on a personal level. And it is different for different people. But you’ll be happy. You’ll have a deeper and meaningful relationship with your partner, if any. And most importantly, you’ll know how to spend all that energy that you’re saving by not ejaculating. Once you get the hang of it, it’s only going uphill, my friend.

People are becoming more and more woke in these modern times. That’s the reason why it’s becoming easier to discuss these things now. The open nature of today’s minds makes it possible to understand, to some extent, why practices like semen retention were part of many rituals in ancient times.

How To Practice Semen Retention?

Well, you can always not have sex entirely, that’s sort of foolproof. But there are always those times when you orgasm without actually ejaculating. You can learn to do this with time. These are dry orgasms – not to be confused with retrograde orgasms where your semen enters your urinary bladder. Here, you’re ejaculating but into your body. The semen just comes out later with your pee. The pee, in this case, turns milky.

pull out before you cum

On the verge of ejaculation, you just squeeze the end of your penis. This applies pressure to the perineum of your penis and triggers these “orgasms”. Both these types of orgasms are not entirely healthy for you to practice. These occur when you’ve had multiple orgasms back to back, but that is seldom the case when trying to practice semen retention. 

Besides dry orgasms, you could try Kegels. These bad boys will help stop the pee and the semen. Again, this will help you stop from ejaculating if and once you’re on the verge. Read up on our article on Kegels for men to know how to master the exercise.

Also, take this video into consideration. What the narrator says makes sense but it’s a lot harder done than said. You could obviously use the energy as he said but the point is to distract yourself. Semen retention is not just for people with porn addiction, but for anyone who would like to see if semen retention actually has any benefits. 

I saw the comments on this video – and some of them are hilarious – but the bottom line is, if you put your mind to it, this strategy might as well work. But before you decide to do anything, ask yourself why you’re doing it.

The Crucial Question: Should I Practice Semen Retention?

This article was written in the first place so that you get to know something about it and make an informed decision yourself. I had a phase myself where I didn’t ejaculate for about 4 months. I was really curious how it would help me. Honestly, it just frustrated me at first. If I didn’t have a partner, maybe it would have been easier. 

But I was glad I did it. It’s not like I most absolutely needed to do it. I just wanted to see how much self-control I could have – because when it comes to Christmas shopping, I got none. I set a goal and fulfilled it using all those strategies I talked about above and it helped. Finishing this challenge that I set for myself and achieving my goal made me realize I could do anything I put my mind to.

My partner, on the other hand, hated that I pulled out every single time we had sex those 4 months. I had to pull out, sit up and breathe hard to calm myself down. It’s harder than it sounds. The erection took some time to go down but after the first few times, it got easier. I started getting less excited, focused more on physical exercises other than sex – meditation every day, regular walks and a run every once in a while. And four months later, made my partner very, very happy one sweet night.

Some of these habits have stayed with me and I’m glad it was semen retention that made me find time to indulge in them. So maybe it’s not a bad idea after all to set your own challenge!

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