How to Spice Up Polyamorous Long-Distance Relationships

polyamorous relationships

We live in a contrasting world with different sexual desires. Such a situation often creates an impression that anything goes. Sure, 21st-century men and women have evolved and become more open to new ideas and sexual adventures. Unlike years gone by where fantasies and needs were swept aside or not spoken of. Today things are different and more open.

One area that became hugely popular with singles seeking a flexible and open-minded relationship is polyamorous relationships. To be precise long-distance polyamorous relationships.

With the growth in dating websites and polyamorous chat rooms, singles have the freedom to explore and try new things. However, we’re going to delve into polyamorous relationships and discover what it takes to spice things up if they’re long-distance.

What is Polyamory and Why Do People Practice It?

In its simplest form, polyamory is the practice of having a relationship with multiple people at the same time. It’s a relationship that’s honest, consensual, and responsible.

It places a focus on choosing the number of people an individual wants to date at the same time. This is the complete opposite of traditional partnerships.

These kinds of relationships are open, romantic, and intimate. Those who are partaking in this arrangement can be from any sexual orientation.

As the entire arrangement is consensual, there can be sexual intimacy and romance between people. This is different from cheating on a loving partner.

The arrangement can take many forms whereby one person involved can become a primary partner or a secondary partner. However, that’s down to the agreement of all involved.

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to explore this relationship through the medium of online dating. The use of a platform to build partnerships and arrange to date people long-distance has changed the face of dating completely. Also, it opened doors and delivered a completely new experience for people that seek something unique.

Powered by modern technology, virtual dating connects people around the globe. Due to that long-distance relationships no longer feel as though they are long-distance.

How Does Polyamory Work in Long-Distance Relationships?

Many people have the wrong idea about polyamory relationships. However, they’re completely normal, accepted, and mutually agreed, which makes them a part of modern living.

At first, this kind of relationship can feel daunting. Even leaving you searching for 40 things to know about long-distance polyamory relationships.

Searching online for love and romance, meeting people who live in a different part of the world is nothing new. However, for many, it can leave them feeling anxious.

Despite this, one main element of finding success with long-distance polyamorous relationships is the importance of communication. Without the ability to connect physically, communicating becomes an integral part of the whole experience.

That’s why regular chats, video calls, and flirting have to become a vital part of the arrangement. However, there are myths that should be busted to help people find success. 

Polyamory Myths Busted

It’s all about sex. People believe that this arrangement is purely around sex because of the inclusion of several people. Despite this, it’s also about friendship and support while having respect. With this in mind, long-term relationships can flourish.

It’s For People Who Are Afraid of Commitment. If we follow relationships in the traditional sense, then we should find love and commit to someone. However, people known for cheating, usually are afraid of commitment.

This trail of thinking has been attached to polyamorous dating. However, it’s the complete opposite. Individuals in polyamorous relationships commit to several people. With long-distance relationships requiring more work, the level of commitment could be considered higher and deeper. 

This Arrangement Never Works Long-Distance. Strong foundations of love and intimacy build and support the majority of relationships. When you have a relationship that involves several people and is spread across the world, many believe that it’s an impossible feat.

Virtual Sex for long-distance polyamorous relationships

Unlike traditional relationships, where jealousy can creep in and cause long-distance relationships to fail, polyamorous relationships are different. They’re built on trust, commitment, and honesty. If you’re looking to learn more about how it works, then you could consider reading about the basics on the Psychology Today website.

So, these myths have been dispelled, proving that long-distance polyamorous relationships can work. With this in mind, what can help you find success?

Keys to Success Polyamorous Long-Distance Relationships

It Takes Honesty. Just like any other relationship, it takes honesty to make things work. Especially, when it involves more people. Every single individual who forms the arrangement has to be true and open.

Otherwise, it just won’t work. There’s nothing to gain by avoiding the truth. Being truthful while exploring a long-distance arrangement is more important than anything else.

Explore What Works For You. It’s important to discuss what kind of relationship you’re looking for. Are you seeking an intimate long-distance relationship or one that’s based more on friendship?

Whatever it might be, understanding what you’re comfortable with and what others are comfortable with is vital. These arrangements are based on the desires of many different people. This means a level of understanding will certainly bring success.

Regular Communication. To discover the true meaning of polyamorous relationships, it’s vital that communication underpins the very core of the arrangement. Constant communication keeps the spark alive and keeps you all connected. Using video calling and messaging apps will ensure you’re always keeping in touch and ensuring everyone has a voice.

How to Spice Up a Polyamorous Relationship?

Ensuring the fire continues burning in a polyamorous relationship is really important, especially in long-distance arrangements. So, if you’re looking to inject spice into your relationship, then we have got you covered.

Introduce Sex Toys. You might think that the use of sex toys is only for physical relationships. However, the virtual world can be enhanced with sex toys. If you’re enjoying video calls, then it can help to introduce sex toys for a pleasurable experience.

Give Your Partner Control. If you’re commonly the one to take control, then it’s time to switch things up. Giving control to one of your partners over your activities or remote-controlled sex toys. This gives them the chance to please you. It also delivers a new element of freedom for you.

Chat Online at the Same Time. Instead of giving yourself to one person, why not indulge in chatting and connecting with several partners at the same time? It could be a great way of exploring the feelings of each person and also provide an opportunity to explore each other. There’s nothing to lose, and it’s a perfect opportunity to embrace the true meaning of polyamorous dating.

Arrange a Surprise Delivery. Whether you arrange delivery of flowers, clothing, or something that they truly love, this is the virtual equivalent of gift-giving in person. This simple yet meaningful expression of your feelings forms a true connection and enhances the bond.

Pay Them a Visit. Every long-distance relationship is based on the understanding that everyone resides in a different part of the country or world. While this is generally accepted, if you’re looking to spice things up, then paying them a visit is certainly going to transform the connection. After weeks, months, or even years of conversing online, the experience of meeting in person will be electric.

Play Adult Games. Adult games are a whole load of fun but can create an amazing long-distance experience when video calling. You can play drinking games and get crazily drunk. Even indulge in a naughty game of truth or dare. Why not take things to the next level and explore a game of strip poker? These adult games are the easiest way to heighten the relationship and have fun.

VR experience

Use Virtual Reality. For something different, virtual reality has transformed our capabilities, and that enabled long-distance relationships to flourish. Pretend you’re spending time together in a virtual world, and experience that feeling of closeness and intimacy even though you are miles apart.

Chill with Boxsets. You don’t have to be together to enjoy the latest TV shows or films. Arrange a night whereby you video call and watch the same shows together. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax together, discuss the show and spend some quality virtual time with each other.

Talk Dirty. You don’t have to bombard each other with thousands of messages each day. However, single messages sent a few hours apart with a dirty undertone could get you both ready for that online video session later in the day!

Gaming. It might not seem the obvious option, but online gaming is a great opportunity to spice up your relationship. Whether it’s a romantic game, a strategy game, or a sports game, whatever it might be, you can be sure that it’ll help to bring you closer and give you something more.

Final Words on Polyamorous Relationships

Polyamorous relationships shouldn’t be a mystery. That’s why we’ve attempted to provide every ounce of information you need to turn your arrangement into a thriving success. Even if it is long-distance!

And, of course, keep in mind that today there are numerous modern technologies designed for sexual experiences. Such technologies can make romantic outcomes more enjoyable and hotter both online and offline!

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