Penis Size and Your Partner: Who Cares More?

penis size importance

You probably heard this a million times, your penis size doesn’t matter. But, in porn videos, you see men with big penises and the women in those videos behave like because of the bigger penis, they are finding sexual satisfaction. So, you will immediately start to contemplate, can you make your partner happy in bed? Is the size of your penis enough to satisfy them?

There have been lots of myths and misconceptions about the penis sizes of men. You will hardly find a man who would say he is satisfied with the size of his penis. But, why is that? Does the size really matter? Who cares about the size more? These are all unknown questions that need to be answered.

As you can see, this topic has many layers and we need to unfold them. Otherwise, the myths and misconceptions regarding penis sizes will grow and for that, a large section of men will suffer. So, let’s dig deep into this topic and see to what extent the size of the penis matters to women. 

Facts About the Male Penis Size

Percentage of MenPenis Size (Inches)
68%4.6 to 6
15.6%6.1  to 6.8
0.4%6.9 and above
15.6%3.8 to 4.5
0.4%Below 3.7
The Size of Most Men’s Penis Size: A study on Psychology of Men and Masculinity

Now, you have a clear picture of why you should not worry about the size of your penis because most men will have a decent size penis that can satisfy a woman. But, if you see another section of this research, 45% of men said that they are not happy with the size of their penis.

And the surprising thing is, only 16% of those have a less than average penis size. This is the perception going around irrespective of age. What will astonish you is that 84% of women think that the size of their partner’s penis is enough to satisfy them. So, now you can guess who thinks about the penis size more?

A Touch on Historical Relevance

In today’s world, a man’s masculinity is defined by a big penis in front of him. However, if you look at the history of human evolution, you will find a different tale. Let’s go back to a play in 423 B.C, “The Clouds” by Aristophanes. In this play, a character tells a bad young guy that if he keeps on behaving the way he does, his penis will become large.

But, if he starts behaving properly, his penis will remain just the way it should be. So, during that time, it was seen unnatural for men to have a large penis and it was seen as some kind of divine punishment for those with large penises. 

Now, in 50 A.D, there was a Roman novel called Satyricon. In this novel, a man with a large penis gets ridiculed by others who were bathing with him in the public bath. They were making fun of him as one would do by seeing the large shoes of a clown. So, during ancient times, you can see, men with large penises were seen as unnatural and they found small penises way more attractive. 

After this, let’s see an instance of male masculinity during the Renaissance period. If you look at the sculpture of David by Michelangelo, it is probably one of the best manifestations of male nudity and masculinity.

david statue

However, you will notice that even in David, the penis size was small. Michelangelo used the scrotum to define his masculinity. You will notice that David has a big scrotum and indicates his large testicles. It reflects on his potency. So, during this period as well, the smaller size of the penis was the natural thing. 

How the Perception Changed

As you can see, throughout the history of human evolution, the penis was seen as more or less an organ that will only inject sperm. But, men started to give more importance to the size of the penis since the beginning of the 19th century when photography and motion pictures were discovered. It just laid the foundation for modern-day pornography. 

Now, there is a reason why porn keeps the penis as the pivotal point of attraction. The main agenda of pornography is to help men during their masturbation. During masturbation, the penis will have an erection. So, what was seen as an organ to inject sperm is now finding attention during masturbation. Because of this, porn started to project the bigger your penis is the better it is for your partner.

Consequences of Size Concerns for Men

A large section of men is still concerned about the size of their penis. This concern about their penis size will have some repercussions. 

Lack of Self-Confidence

First of all, such men who are unhappy with the size of their penis will not have self-confidence in most spheres of their lives. They will see themselves as unattractive and it will create a problem for them in their personal and professional life. 

Becomes More Critical

Men who think their penis is smaller tend to become more critical of themselves and the people surrounding them. It happens because they feel insecure and being critical is what makes them happy. It can also lead to frustration and anxiety. 

Hide Penis from Partners

The most damaging thing that happens to men who believe their penis is smaller than normal size is they become ashamed of themselves. That is why when they are about to have sex, they try as much as possible to hide their penis from their partners. They will even hesitate while taking their clothes off. 

The Width Matters More than the Length

penis size length vs girth

You know what most men are worried about the length of their penis. But, what they should be focussing on is the width or the girth of their penis because it is what matters to women. If you have a skinny penis that is over 7 inches in length, it will not be able to provide as much pleasure to women as a small and fatty penis. 

During sexual intercourse, a woman wants to feel the fullness of the penis inside her vagina. Also, most of the sensitive nerve endings of the vagina are at the outer part. So, a long penis will penetrate deep inside the vagina, but it will not give more pleasure to your partner. 

Remember, your ultimate goal is to satisfy your partner in bed. It also depends on how you play with her different sensitive areas in the vagina. You need to stimulate her clitoris and G-spot to make her happy in bed. For women who find pleasure through G-spot stimulation, even a smaller penis will be enough to please them. 

Also, if you have a skinnier penis, then you can find a solution to that through various rings and other sex toys and accessories. But, the main point is, if you have the skills to sensually stimulate your partner to please her, your penis size will not matter for her because what she really needs is sexual satisfaction. 

The Average Size of the Penis

The Average Size During Erection in Inches
The Average Size When Flaccid in Inches
A Combined Result of 20 Studies in 2014 on the Average Penis Size

Now, we cannot rely a lot on this result, according to the researchers, because in most of the cases, the measurements were taken at home without the supervision of the experts. But still, we can get an idea of what the average size of a man’s penis should be. 

Most Women are Happy with Penis Size of their Partners

It is true because, for women, the size of your penis doesn’t matter much. What really matters is how you make love to her and how you stimulate her senses. Look, if your penis is very big, you might feel confident and take off your clothes easily without feeling any hesitation, but the girl would become a bit scared to see your penis. The larger your penis is the more it can hurt a woman. So, the prevailing conception, the bigger the penis is, the better it is for women is totally rubbish. If your penis is fatter, that is what your partner will enjoy. 

Final Words in Penis Size Importance

Finally, if you want to make your partner happy, then you should look at ways to improve your skills in bed. But, what most men do is look for ways to increase the size of their penis which is unnecessary. Be natural and contented with what you have naturally because women don’t look for men with giant penises as you generally see in porn.

So, rather than focusing on your penis, focus on how you can please her in bed. Learn to stimulate her G-spot, clitoris, and other sensitive areas. These are the things that matter more than the size of your penis during sex in the real world.

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