Penis Size and Self-Esteem

penis size and self-esteem

Penis size and self-esteem walk side by side. It’s not rare for a man to question the size of his penis. It is big enough? Will I be able to satisfy my partner? What is normal penis size? And it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For many men, the penis is considered a symbol of masculinity. The bigger it is – the more masculine and proud one often feels. That’s why having a small penis often causes low self-esteem and even leads to depression. This results in not being able to form friendships and intimate relationships.

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In this article, I will discuss the importance of penis size and who cars more: you or your partner. I will suggest several tricks for a quick size increase and share possible ways to experience permanent growth. If it is really necessary in your case.

Underestimated Penis

According to many surveys, men often underestimate the size of their penis. That often happens due to frequent exposures to porn, where specifically chosen actors show unrealistic standards. Also, many men often measure their penises incorrectly.

Such misunderstandings lead to poor self-esteem and turn the penis subject into a very sensitive one. That’s why making a small penis joke, even if you don’t really mean it – could get a man offended and even deepen the problem.

Men tend to underestimate their penis capabilities due to its size. However, many surveys show that female partners don’t really care about the size, as long as the man knows how to use it. Yet, men still are convinced that size matters a lot.

Also, there are more than enough studies that show how there’s no correlation between the size of the penis and sexual satisfaction. Sexual satisfaction depends on other factors, such as experience, trust, and attention to partners. To satisfy your partner you don’t need to worry about more important things than the dimensions of the penis. Intimacy and knowing what your partner likes and what works for them is a lot more important.

Another important thing to mention is that some women are actually scared of very huge penises as they’re afraid that the intercourse will be painful. However, others are excited about them. So, whether the penis size is important or not depends on you and your partner. Yet, the majority of them don’t really care, so there is no need to worry. Penis size and self-esteem should not correlate and men should stop being so hard on themselves.

Getting Bigger if You Need To

In general, the average penis size varies between 7.5-11.5cm in length when at rest and 10 to 20cm in length when erect.

So, most men fit the average characteristics and have nothing to worry about. So, before you start worrying, try measuring it the right way. Take your penis and measure it from the base of the penis against the pubic bone to the tip. 

In some cases, men can’t measure the full length simply because they are overweight and part of the penis is hidden. So, simply losing some weight could actually make your penis look bigger.

However, even after you’ve measured correctly, you still feel like you could go up an inch or two, one of the safest and easiest ways to rain an inch or two is a quality penis extender. Don’t confuse penis extenders with pumps, pumps are designed to give your penis a quick boost if you have erectile dysfunction or want to satisfy your partner with a bigger penis for one sex session.

How Penis Extenders Work?

When you put on a penis extender, it applies light and constant stretch to your penis. Wearing it for a prolonged period of time causes micro-tears in the penile tissue. These micro-tears are invisible to the make eye and cause no pain.

When the micro-tears form, the body starts healing itself. It splits the penile cells in order to fill the micro gaps in the tissue. This process is called mitosis and it’s perfectly natural. It’s similar to growing muscles or healing a wound.

However, since the processes are similar, you probably already understand that it takes time to see results. Just like you can’t grow muscle overnight, the penis doesn’t grow that fast as well. It will take around a month to notice the first results and around 3 to 6 months more to reach the full potential of your penis. Don’t forget that penis growth is not infinite, yet you could increase its size by an impressive amount of 40 percent.

Penis extenders are good for not only enlargement but for improving the shape of the penis as well. You have a curved penis and suffer from Peyronie’s disease – this is the only non-surgical way to improve the shape of the penis. Extenders, such as Andropeyronie, promise to straighten the curve up to 60 percent. This could be enough to restore your sex life and make it easier. Even though penis size and self-esteem shouldn’t correlate, but penis shape can seriously frustrate a man.

Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro penis extender

I’ve tested many penis extenders, however found only several that are actually quality made and are comfortable to wear. From what I experienced, the best penis extender is Quick Extender Pro.

It has one of the strongest tensions in the market, is produced in the USA, and comes with a warranty. So you, as a buyer, are fully protected. Not only that, this extender is  Type 1 CE certified. This means that it qualifies as a medical device that can be bought without a prescription.

It’s also very comfortable to wear and that is very important since you’ll be using it on a daily basis for several hours. Quick Extender Pro gave me the best results over the shortest period of time.

You can read more about my experience in this detailed review.

Quick Tricks To Boost Your Confidence Make Penis Look Bigger

Sometimes some simple visual tricks can help you have a visually larger penis and give you the boost in self-confidence that you are looking for. Here are the easiest and fastest ways to have a visible larger penis:

Get a Trim and Get Rid of The Bush

shave the bush to make penis look bigger

Many men often never shave their private parts. That leads to having a big bush that basically covers most of your penis. How can you have a big penis if you can’t see it since it’s hidden inside a bush? So, consider getting a quick trimming to make your penis look bigger. However, don’t go completely bald down there because you will look like a pre-teen boy.

Use a Penis Pump Right Before Sex

Using a penis pump is a great way to increase your penis size on a short-term basis. That’s why most men use it right before having sex. It takes only several minutes and the effects of the ump wear of after around 30 minutes.

A penis pump creates a vacuum around the penis and draws additional blood to it. That causes the penis to visibly enlarge. However, the effects slowly wear off and the penis returns to its normal size. So, don’t confuse pumps with extenders, since both of them are completely different devices.

So, don’t confuse penis pumps with penis extenders. Pumps work fast but only for a short time and extenders work slowly, yet give permanent results.

Get a Cock Ring (It’s Fun Too!)

If you wish to prolong the effects of the penis pump (or a simple erection), consider using a cock ring. A penis ring is a rubber band that withholds blood in your penis and makes your erections harder and longer-lasting.

However, in today’s world, a cock ring is not just a simple rubber band. Today you can select from various advanced vibrating penis rings that can provide you and your partner with additional stimulation. So, not only will your penis appear bigger, but it will also give additional pleasure to you and your partner. How great is that? You can find some of the most exciting vibrating penis rings here.

Final Words On Penis Size and Self-Esteem

Penis size and self-esteem is a very sensitive topic. However, it shouldn’t be. If you feel that you are doubting the size of your penis, you need to do some research to understand whether there’s anything to doubt. Many men are exposed to too much porn and it causes an unhealthy understanding of sex and penis size.

Also, you need to understand that most likely your partner won’t care about the size of your penis as long as you know how to use it. So, listen to what your partner likes and you will be okay.

However, if you really have a problem and want to increase your penis size – get a quality penis stretcher or choose surgery. The surgery, on average, costs around 15-16k USD and a good extender can cost 100-300 USD. The choice is yours. Also, always consider talking to a specialist to find the best treatment for your case.

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