How to Reduce Penis Sensitivity and Why is My Penis So Sensitive?

penis sensitivity

Everyone wants to live a happy sex life. But, when it comes to having a happy sex life, you want your performance to be at its best. Now, if you are facing a problem like a penis sensitivity, things won’t be great inside your bedroom with your partner. Yes, we can understand what you are going through. 

But, you know what you are not the only man who is facing this problem. Just like you, there are millions of men who are dealing with the same problem.

On the other hand, the bigger issue than the problem of penis sensitivity itself is that men don’t find it comfortable to speak about such problems neither with their partners nor with their doctors. And, this is where things get complicated. 

You need to understand that what you are facing is a problem that any man can have and there is nothing to be ashamed of. What is more unfortunate is by not speaking up about your problem, you are aggravating the whole situation. You are not having the sex life you want and you are also hampering the sex life of your partner. So, the onus is on you to improve your condition. 

Let us tell you a secret, with knowledge and guidance; you can get over the problem of penis sensitivity. You need to know this condition deeply and find out the ways you can treat it. Look, you may need a doctor’s assistance as well. But, you can also overcome penis sensitivity with a sex toy like a masturbator. Sounds cool, right? All right, so let’s dig deep and cover this topic comprehensively so that you can have a positive change in your life and make your sex life better than ever. 

Why Is My Penis So Sensitive?

This is a very common question that most men will have in their minds. Now, ask yourself, isn’t your penis supposed to be sensitive? Otherwise, how could you have a boner? Not having an erection is a problem, right? So, just like not having an erection is a problem, ejaculating too early is also a huge problem that many men face. This is where this question becomes so very important to address. 

The penis stacked with nerve endings that are meant to give you pleasure during sex. It is important to have these nerves. Otherwise, you would not have felt sex so much pleasurable. Having said that, for some people, during foreplay or just after the intercourse begins, the penis becomes overstimulated. As a result, they ejaculate early. This problem is also known as penile hypersensitivity. 

So, to sum up the answer, your penis is bound to be sensitive. Otherwise, you won’t have the pleasure of having sex which is a huge problem. Also, too much sensitivity can cause penile hypersensitivity which is also a problem that you need to address to enjoy your sex life. 

Is There a Link Between Premature Ejaculation and Penile Hypersensitivity?

If you look at the effects, you will think that there is a link between premature ejaculation and penile hypersensitivity. Well, you are not wrong at all. Some many studies have shown this link to be quite evident. But, some also failed to set up the link between penile hypersensitivity and premature ejaculation. For example, research was conducted on 420 men with premature ejaculation. The research team found that these men had greater penile sensitivity than other men. 

Some clinics such as UCLA advise men to desensitize their penis if they want to improve their condition of premature ejaculation. You can clearly see that men with premature ejaculation issue may also have the problem of penile hypersensitivity.

However, the research published in a journal in 1998 explains that a study was conducted on 33 men including both the patients of premature ejaculation problem and those who don’t have the condition. There was no such difference in penile hypersensitivity of both groups of men. But, the downside of the study was they only took 33 men as their sample. 

Now, as you know, the problem of premature ejaculation can happen for many reasons. And, penile hypersensitivity could be one of them. But, that is not the only reason why a man could have this problem. So, yes, there could be a connection between premature ejaculation and penile hypersensitivity. But, that will vary from men to men. 

Why Penile Hypersensitivity Can Happen?

The higher sensitivity in the penis can happen for many reasons. You need to know them if you want to address the issue. So, let’s take a look at a couple of reasons why you might have penis sensitivity.

Penis Trauma

It might seem something new to you but this can happen. The trauma to the penis generally happens with an injury. Now, this could happen because you were involved in a contact sport or you fell somewhere. The problem can also arise from rough sex. Now, the problem can be permanent or temporary depending on your injury. It can also lead to penile hypersensitivity. 


Many men have an uncircumcised penis. Now, this is not a problem that all men with an uncircumcised penis will face. However, some of them will struggle to pull out the head of their penis by pulling back their foreskin. This condition of phimosis can also cause penile hypersensitivity. 

Ways to Address the Problem of Penis Sensitivity

Now, we have so far looked at the problem of penis sensitivity. But, you will be wondering what you can do if you have penis sensitivity? Don’t worry because we have your back and we will tell you how you can address this problem of penis sensitivity. So, let’s look at the ways you should address this condition of penis sensitivity. 

Visit a Doctor

You might be reluctant to do this, but, you should go and see a doctor. As this is a medical condition, your doctor will guide you through the right treatment. You should not be embarrassed to go and see a doctor because if you think it is a private problem and you should keep it to yourself only, you will be the one who will suffer. So, as soon as you notice that your penis is too sensitive and it is also creating a problem in your daily life, go and see a doctor for proper treatment. 

Communicate with Your Partner

Because of penis sensitivity, you will fail to perform well in bed. Now, this might cause tension between you and your partner. Also, you might feel embarrassed to tell her about the situation you are facing right now. But, you have to gather courage and tell her everything. You need to inform her about penis sensitivity. She will definitely understand your problems and it will also relieve you of the mental trauma that you might be having due to penile hypersensitivity. 

Topical Medicines

Have you ever heard about penis desensitizers? Yes, there are many penis desensitizers that you can use on your penis topically which will reduce the sensitivity of your penis. These sensitizers work very fast but you have to give them some time to see the numbing effect. However, before using the sensitizer, make sure you know the right dose of it to avoid any complications. 

Use a Different Condom

You can control the sensitivity of your penis by using condoms as well. But, you might think that you already use a condom and still face the problem. So, how can you reduce the problem by using condoms? Well, to clear your head, the condom you are using might not be thick enough to reduce your penis’ sensitivity. So, you can try using a much ticker condom which might help in reducing your penis’ sensitivity. 

Practice Edging

Edging is one of the ways you can also deal with the problem of penis sensitivity. Edging is a technique that you have to practice to master. It will help you to last longer in bed. What you have to do is when you think you are about to climax; stop all the sexual activities that you were doing until the feelings subside. You will have to do this until you cannot hold on and ejaculate.

Use a Masturbator

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If you cannot tell your partner or practice edging with her, then you can use a male masturbator which will surely help you to practice edging, prolong your ejaculation, and reduce the sensitivity of your penis. . Also, before you buy a masturbator, you need to know how to choose the best male masturbator. In this way, you will make sure you are buying the right one.  For penis desensitization, I would recommend Fleshlight STU.

The Bottom Line

Finally, you now know what penis sensitivity is what you need to do to reduce this condition. So, what are you waiting for? You should take action immediately and make sure you reduce the condition. It is very much possible to reduce penis sensitivity. Once you find the solution to this problem, you will once again enjoy your sex life just the way you always wanted.

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