Penis Enlargement Pills

penis enlargement pills

Penis enlargement pills is a super popular term, researched by tens of thousands of people each month.

For many years, people believed and still believe that there is a magical pill that can solve their problems. This includes overnight weight loss, regrowing hair after tens of years of being bald, and, of course, enlarging their penis.

However, I am very happy that more and more people started to do their researches, instead of buying a ‘miraculous drug’ when they’re in a desperate position. In some cases, that miraculous drug can be very harmful to health.

It’s easy to say this now, however, I’ve been in a similar position myself. Some years ago, I used to be very self-conscious about my penis size and struggled to find a partner due to my low self-esteem which resulted in my inability to talk with women.

And yes, I have bought penis enlargement pills. And no, they haven’t helped me. Yes, I did feel like a fool after spending several hundred dollars on something that didn’t work. You can read one of my experiences here.

In general, there is no scientific proof that penis enlargement pills work. So, please, stop wasting your money on them and get something that can actually help you.

However, if you believe that my info is outdated and there are penis enlargement pills that work and have scientific proof behind them, please share that with me and I will be glad to change this article.

Once the penis enlargement pills didn’t work, I understood that there are no miracle drugs. Yet, I didn’t want to get surgery, so I started to search for alternatives to male enhancement pills that actually worked.

Even though I struggled for a while, doing proper research helped me find a way to naturally enlarge my penis, without undergoing surgery.

In this article, I will discuss penis enlargement products that actually work and have helped numerous men around the world.

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

From what I experienced – penis enlargement pills don’t work. I believe that it is a waste of money.

Not only that, but I have also never encountered a penis enlargement pill that has the scientific data that proves it actually works.

Also, most of these ‘magical pills‘ are not approved by the FDA, so they can be harmful to your health.

As much as I would like to tell you that there’s an easy overnight method that can enlarge your penis (without undergoing surgery) – I can’t.

However, I can’t. There are ways to naturally increase the penis size but all of them take at least several months and dedication.

Best Penis Enlargement Pills

The best penis enlargement pills are no pills at all. As much as I researched, I couldn’t find any male enhancement pills that would be approved by the FDA and would have the scientific research behind them.

male enhancement pills

What I noticed about penis enlargement pills, is that they have some mutual ingredients. Usually, they consist of various vitamins, minerals, and a miraculous new plant that has been discovered in the rainforest or anywhere else. Of course, the plant has the magical power to increase your penis size. I am 100% sure if anything like that existed, it would be available in all pharmacies.

The best penis enlargement pills adverts will also offer you better stamina, lasting longer in bed and so on. These are great benefits, however, there are better and cheaper ways to achieve that and I will tell you how.

Do You Really Need Penis Enlargement Medicines?

First things first, I would like to acknowledge the fact that most people tend to underestimate themselves. Whether it’s looks, intelligence, social skills, or anything else – everyone has something in their life they think they could improve.

When it comes to penis size, men tend to seriously underestimate themselves. Some believe that it happens due to exposure to too much porn and constantly comparing themselves with guys that have dicks that go up to their chin.

Yet, in real life, it’s nothing like that and you couldn’t compare yourself to that. Those men are a tiny percentile of the whole population and they’re far away from the average guy. Also, a penis that is too big is also a burden.

In real life, if you have a penis that measures 5 inches or more when erect – you have a normal-sized penis and there is nothing to worry about. In general, the average size of an erect penis just a little over 5 inches.

So, make sure that you measure yourself properly before you decide that you need any kind of penis enlargement supplements.

Male Enhancement Pills

Many male enhancement pills that you find the online claim that they can make your penis bigger. It’s not possible to do that.

There are drugs, such as Viagra that can give you longer and harder erections for a short time. However, when the effects wear off, your penis goes back to its regular size.

However, there are natural supplements that can also improve your erections. Most so-called male enhancement pills contain them. So, they could actually improve your erections. However, most of those vitamins and minerals can be obtained by eating certain foods or adding supplements o your diet.

How to Improve Erections Naturally?

When you lack certain nutrients, you can suffer from poor blood flow. When this happens, people usually have cold feet and palms. Also, just like the blood flow to your hands and feet is reduced, your penis gets the same treatment as well.

By doing a few changes in your life and diet, you could improve your penis health and avoid getting male enhancement pills.

increase erections

Such include:

  • quitting smoking,
  • doing more exercises,
  • eating better food,
  • managing stress,
  • staying hydrated,
  • losing weight.

Basically, taking proper care of your body and mind gives you a better functioning penis. When it comes to foods, here are some suggestions that you can incorporate into your diet:

  • Iron-rich foods such as leafy green vegetables and red meats. However, too much red meat increases the risks of cardiovascular diseases, so before you change your diet – consult with a professional.
  • Vitamin E rich foods. Consider using more nut oils in your diet, such as hazelnut oil.
  • B vitamins. These vitamins are very important for your overall health as well as your penis health. Green vegetables such as kale are a great source of B vitamins.

Also, there are various herbs that are known for their positive effects on blood circulation, such include turmeric, ginger, black peppers, and other.

The best way to achieve a balanced diet that could improve your blood circulation and your penis health is by consulting a physician. In many cases, people read several tips online and start solely focusing on them and eating only those foods.

However, completely eliminating certain foods can result in lacking other important nutrients and negatively affecting your health.

That’s why if you have any known conditions, have doubts, or any kind of questions about a healthy and balanced diet, consult with a physician, so you could get a food plan that wouldn’t o you any harm and simply would help you reach your goals.

Penis Enlargement Pills Alternatives That Work

While changing your diet and lifestyle habits can improve your erection quality, food and sports can’t do the same for your penis size.

If you are sure that you need to enlarge your penis, there are ways you can reach that. And I can assure you that penis enlargement pills are not one of them.

There are several measures that can increase your penis size. Some of them can help you temporarily, while others can help you reach semi-permanent or permanent results.

How to Increase Your Penis Size Fast

If you are looking for a way to increase your penis size fast – consider getting a penis pump.

Today, the most effective penis pumps that I have encountered are hydro pumps, designed to be used in water.

Using water helps proportionally increase the penis size length and girth wise, contrary to the majority of air pumps.

Water pumps ensure that the volume and pressure are equal within the device and therefore, the penis can temporarily grow proportionately in size.

If you are new to penis pumps, here is a short explanation of how they work:

  1. First, you need to place the penis pump tube on your penis properly, as the user manual states.
  2. Then you need to use the pump (manual or electric) to create a vacuum around your penis in the tube.
  3. When the vacuum is forming and the air is getting sucked out, extra blood from your body is getting drawn towards your penis.
  4. When extra blood is drawn to your penis, it helps for the penis to grow in size.
  5. Result – temporarily enlarged penis.

Usually, due to temporary effects, men use penis pumps before sex. It takes around 15 minutes and the results last at least 30 minutes. Yet, the actual usage time and effects strongly depend on the penis pump that you are using.

Best Penis Pump

Currently, the best penis pump that I have encountered is called Penomet.

Penomet Premium

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First, it has more certificates than any other penis pump that I have seen in my life. It only proves that it’s a high-quality product that required effort, research, and high investments to make. Unlike various penis enlargement pills that have zero proof of their effects.

Penomet comes with several different graters that serve as an exercise program to help you achieve better results over time. The program is freely accessible online. According to their website, following the program of 10 weeks increases the potential growth of your penis by an impressive 80% compared to other water/air pumps.

I don’t know if I’ve achieved the 80%, however, Penomet gave me better results than any other penis pump that I have encountered. That is why I feel super comfortable in recommending it.

Permanent Penis Enlargement

If you wish to obtain a permanent or, at least, semi-permanent increase in penis size, you should consider using a penis extender or undergoing a surgical operation.

While surgical intervention, in my opinion, is the very last option to consider, I would recommend you to start by getting a quality penis extender.

Penis Extender vs Penis Pump

Many people are more familiar with penis pumps than with extenders. However, these two devices are completely different, even though they have the same purpose.

Both: penis extenders and pumps are designed to enlarge the penis. However, they use different methods and give different results. Penis pumps use the suction method to give you fast short-term results that we discussed above.

Penis extenders on the other hand use the penis traction method. This method is similar to an exercise program that gives you visible results over longer periods of time (at least a month). However, just like with sports – the results last for at least a while even after you stop the process.

So, some men choose to get both devices. This way, while a man works towards more permanent gains, he can use a pump for temporary fast results on-demand.

How Penis Extenders Work?

As mentioned before, penis extenders use the penile traction method. Penile traction is similar to an exercise program for your penis. It takes longer to get results and the results last longer.

Here are 3 steps to penis enlargement with an extender:

  1. Penis traction. When you insert the penis (flaccid) into the extender, the device applies a constant light stretch to the penis.
  2. Form micro-tears. The traction causes micro-tears to form in the penile tissue. It’s pain-free and those tears are invisible to the naked eye. It’s similar to when you’re growing muscle.
  3. Cell split. When the micro-tears form, your body starts to heal them. In order to do so, the penile cells need to split to fill the void. That’s how the penis starts growing.

As you can see, this penis enlargement method is based on simple biology and your body does a big part of the job.

Best Penis Extender

For more than a few years, my favorite penis extender remains the Quick Extender Pro. Overall, I found it to be the most comfortable to wear for prolonged hours.

Quick Extender Pro Review

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This penis extender is FDA cleared and endorsed by any health professionals. I could easily recommend it to any man who is looking for a comfortable way to enlarge their penis.

Also, unlike many other extenders, this one has some scientific research behind it to prove its effectiveness. You can read all about my experience with Quick Extender Pro here.

Final Words On Penis Enlargement Pills

Having or considering your penis small can be very frustrating and mentally challenging. Therefore, there are many scammers online that try to sell you magical penis enlargement pills.

However, if something sounds too good to be true – most likely it is. So, instead of buying magical male enhancement pills – go on a balanced diet and get yourself a quality penis extender instead.

All in all, try not to stress too much about it, take control and reach desired results. It can be tough but I believe in you.

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