Normal Penis: Size, Appearance and Shape

normal penis

So, what is a normal penis? When I was a teenager and first discovered porn, I feel like it gave me more questions than answers.

Especially about my private parts. It made me question whether I have a normal penis, or if there’s something seriously wrong with me.

My penis looked different than what I saw on the screen. The size was different and most guys didn’t seem to have a turtleneck around their penis tip.

Back in the day, it made me self-conscious until I found some seriously important info that helped me understand that penises come in different, sizes, shapes, colors and that there is no one standard penis.

That’s why I decided to create this normal penis guide. To help you understand what is considered normal for a dick and clarify most of the doubts that there’s anything wrong with yours.

However, each case is different, so If you’re worried – always check with your doctor.

What Does a Normal Penis Look Like?

Dicks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are thick, some are narrow. There are those that are long and others that are shorter.

The same applies to your testicles. Some guys have bigger ones, some have those that are on the smaller side.

However, your private parts keep on growing up until you’re 27 years old. So, don’t be quick to judge your body too quickly.

However, before we get into size and curvature details, let’s start with the obvious difference of penises – the turtleneck.

When it comes to the appearance of the penis, the first thing that you’ll notice (when you discover porn, in the public male showers, or similar) is that the head of the dick of other guys looks a bit different than yours.

Some guys get a circumcision. Some do it because of their religious beliefs, some because of hygiene, some do it solely for the looks. However, all boys are born with it.

Let’s look in more detail at what the difference between circumcised and uncircumcised penises is.

Circumcised vs Uncircumcised

In general, it’s easier to show it than explain it. As you can see from the image with two penises below, the circumcised dick has its tip exposed rather than securely hidden under a layer of skin.

circumcised vs uncircumcised penis

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re circumcised or not, you have a perfectly normal penis.

It is worth mentioning that frequently you will hear the penis referred to as cut and uncut. This term means the same as circumcised or uncircumcised. Cut = circumcised and uncut = uncircumcised.

As I mentioned before, guys choose to get circumcised due to different reasons. The most popular of those are:

  • religious beliefs
  • hygiene: cleaning a circumcised penis is easier, as the tip is more accessible
  • vanity: some guys believe that circumcised penis is more attractive than uncircumcised

Fun fact: uncircumcised men can reach orgasm faster since their penis tip remains more sensitive. That is because the turtleneck protects it from constant rubbing against underwear and similar).

If you’re not circumcised and consider getting your penis cut – don’t worry.

It’s a very simple procedure that won’t cause you any long-term discomfort. It takes 5 to 10 minutes and any qualified medical professional is able to perform it.

However, after the procedure, you will have to give your penis some rest (usually 7 to 10 days) and let it properly heal.

Never (and by never, I do mean NEVER) consider circumcising yourself. As simple as the procedure is, one wrong cut and you can endup seriously injuring yourslef.

Normal Penis Shape

Now that we figured out the two main looks of the penis, time to discuss the shape of the dick.

There is no one shape of the penis that can be called normal. It’s perfectly okay to have a slightly curved dick.

In general, there are 6 main penis types. Each of them is perfectly normal:

#1 Straight Penis

Most likely if someone asked you what is a normal shaped penis, you would answer that it’s a straight one.

If your penis looks pretty much the same from its head to the shaft – then you have a straight penis.

In general, having a straight dick is a great bonus as it works with any sex position, so you don’t need to figure out the best angles to feel comfortable.

#2 Large Head With Narrower Base

This type of penis is also called the Hammer. As the title suggests, the Hammer dick has a noticeably larger head than the base.

In most cases, it’s considered a huge bonus. Especially during vaginal intercourse.

Having a wider head allows you to stimulate your partner’s G-spot more intensely and from more angles, without needing to put extra effort into it.

#3 Narrow Head With Larger Base

Contrary to the previously discussed Hammer, this type of penis is more cone-shaped.

As the Cone title suggests, the penis is more wide at the base than at the tip. It sort of narrows down towards the tip.

When it comes to sex, this penis shape is ideal for anal sex. Having a narrow penis tip makes it super easy to insert it.

#4 Penis Curved Upwards

If you look at it from the right angle, a penis that is curved a little upwards looks similar to a banana.

In general, the curvature of the penis, in most cases, is only visible when the penis is fully erect.

In most cases, a slightly upward curved penis won’t interfere with your sexual life.

Yet, if you’re interested in sexual positions that are best compatible with this type of dick, it’s missionary.

Also, the curve is very compatible with anal action.

#5 Penis Curved Downwards

Just like a penis that’s curved upwards, the downwards curve is also only visible when the dick is erect.

When it comes to this type of penis, the positions that work for it best are the same ones that are ideal for an upwards-curved penis. However, you will need to go in upside down.

#6 Penis With Side-Curvature

If your penis forms a letter c or its mirror image – you have a dick with side curvature.

While a slight curve doesn’t affect your sexual life much, there are some sex positions that work best and even give you an advantage.

A must-try sex position – T-boning.

Penis Curvature Types

The penis curvature that a person has from birth is called Congenital curvature. This means that a person was born with it. A dick curvature that is caused by a fibrotic scar is called Peyronies Disease. A person is not born with it.

Congenital curvature

Congenital curvature is very rare and less than 1 percent of men have it. In most cases, the curvature of the penis is mild and does not interfere with the person’s sex life.

If you have a mild Congenital curvature with doesn’t bother you and does not interfere with your sex life – most likely you don’t need to do anything about it.

However, patients with more severe penis curvature can have problems with their sex life, which means measures must be taken.

In general, men with severe penis curvature choose to get home remedies or surgery.

If you choose to go with the surgery, during the procedure, the longer side of your dick will be shortened in order to match the shorter side.

This way your penis will become straight(er) to a point where it won’t cause you everyday sexual troubles.

However, if you want to avoid surgical intervention, the only available home remedy is using a special penis extender, such as Quick Extender Pro.

It has a special edition penis extender that is designed especially for treating Peyronie’s Disease and Congenital curvature. In the images below, you can see how it works in real life.

Fixing penis curvature

Even though it requires quite a commitment, you benefit from not needing any surgical intervention and, most likely, a longer penis.

Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a condition caused by fibrotic scarring. While the exact reason behind why men get it is still unknown, most cases are related to penis trauma.

Such trauma includes unnatural penis bending, harsh sexual relations, and similar experiences that can hurt the dick and cause it to bend in an unnatural way.

Such bends cause the penile tissue to break. Therefore, in that place scars can form. Which can lead to permanent penile curvature which can cause a lot of mental and physical issues.

Men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease often become self-conscious as they can no longer perform in bed. Contrary to natural penis curvature, this disease can cause erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems.

However, the curvature has to be quite severe (greater than 30 degrees) to actually cause sex problems.

Similar to natural curvature, penis extenders and surgery are used for treatment.

Normal Penis Size

Many guys wonder at least once about what a normal penis size actually is.

Most of them tend to underestimate the sizes of their penises and keep thinking that their penis is not large enough. I used to be like that.

So, what actually is normal penis size? Well, there is no such thing as normal penis size.

Guys with smaller dicks fantasize about bigger ones as they believe that a huge penis is a key to satisfying their partners.

Guys with huge dicks dream about getting shorter ones because they experience discomfort during sexual intercourse.

So, as always, everyone dreams about something they don’t have.

However, even though there is no such thing as normal penis size, you can know the average penis size.

Knowing that helps guys feel more comfortable and understand that most of us fall under that same category.

Average Penis Size

The average penis size varies by country and by a survey. As you probably already know, it’s impossible to measure all men. That’s why each and every survey gets a different outcome.

However, if we round up more than a few studies, here is the average penis size measurement outcome:

  • Average flaccid penis length varies from 2.8 to 3.9 inches / 7 to 10 centimetres.
  • Average flaccid penis circumference (girth) varies from 3.5 to 3.9 inches / 9 to 10 centimetres.
  • The average length of an erect penis is from 4.7 to 6.3 inches / 12 to 16 centimetres.
  • The average circumference of an erect penis is approx. 4.7 inches / 12 centimetres.

As you can see from the numbers, the average gap is pretty vast and there is no one perfect number that describes the average penis size.

Fun fact: 85% of women are satisfied with their partner’s penis, while 45% of men believe their penis is not big enough.

Improving Your Penis Size and Shape

Let’s start from the obvious – most men underestimate their penises. So, before you start any dick improvement plan, be honest with yourself.

By being honest I mean that you should properly evaluate your penis and answer yourself, whether the penis or lack of positive body image is the problem.

Measure your penis, check your curvature, compare the numbers with the average ones. I’m pretty sure that after doing that, most of you will understand that actually you have a normal penis that is average or even bigger.

However, if you are sure that you need to work on improving your penis size and shape, I always recommend consulting with a physician.

If surgery is not what you’re looking for, there are some home remedies that can help you.

Penis Extenders

Over the years penis extenders have evolved a lot. They started as shady and scammy devices that promised unbelievable results overnight.

Even though such quality products still exist, there are some legit products that actually have clinical studies to back them up.

However, you need to understand that magic won’t happen overnight. Using a penis extender is like starting a workout routine – if you commit to it, you get results, if you skip workouts – no visible results happen.

If you want to learn why penis extenders are the only devices that can actually help you extend the penis and improve its shape, read this article, especially the FAQ section.

NOTE: a penis extender is a copletelly different device than a penis pump. Penis pumps are used to temporarely increase the dick size. There are alsono magic creams, pills or similar things that can dramatically improve your penis overnight. If a deal is too good – most likely it’s a scam.

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