Mutual Masturbation For Couples: What Is It And Why Should You Do It?

mutual masturbation

Just a few days ago, some of my friends and I got together when one thread of conversation led to another. Soon we were sharing anecdotes out loud of our craziest sexual encounters. Someone talked about having sex in a public bathroom or someone had walked in unwelcome when two people were intimate. But the most amusing incident that was shared that night was when one of my friends accidentally discovered the marvel that was mutual masturbation.

Masturbation is like a healthy and happy meal: it fulfills you through and through. Never has it happened that masturbating has let you down. Now, I’m not talking about those rare times when either you’re not completely into it or you’re thinking about stuff other than getting groovy with your own self – masturbation, most of the time leave us feeling all giddy with endorphins. Mutual masturbation leaves you feeling the same…only you have someone, usually a partner, to share this feeling with.

After that anecdote was over – and yes, I will let you know what was so amusing about it if you just hold on a bit and read on. At the end of the night, almost everyone agreed that masturbation does have its benefits. Mutual masturbation is something I’ve been thinking more and more about ever since then. So, of course, here’s a researched article on what exactly is mutual masturbation and if it’s for you.

What Is Mutual Masturbation?

When you masturbate, you have the space to go solo but in mutual masturbation, you most absolutely need a partner – that’s where the mutual part of it all comes from. So, as the name suggests, you can understand more or less that mutual masturbation is when two people come together to have a good time with each other; these good times include mostly touching each other or touching their own selves.

Therefore, there are primarily two types of mutual masturbation you could want to dip your feet, or fingers (haha), into:

Pleasuring your partner and vice versa

This is when you and your partner touch each other like you would when you’re masturbating. Mutual masturbation does not necessarily lead to penetrative sex, although it’s extremely good foreplay.

sixty nine pose for masturbation

You could use your fingers and pleasure your partner. This is different from a handjob or fingering because both the partners are involved here, pleasuring each other at the same time. And this is also different from the infamous 69 positions as you’re not really using your mouth but your fingers for mutual masturbation.

This type of mutual masturbation can very much lead to oral sex or penetrative sex and can simply be some racy foreplay. The goal, however, is not to attain orgasm but to simply pleasure each other using techniques that you usually would when you’re masturbating.

Pleasuring yourself and your partner does the same for them

This is somehow more mutually exclusive as you simply masturbate…but your partner is right there, doing the same. This type of mutual masturbation includes you masturbating to pleasure yourself like you’d do while your partner does the same at the same time.

You could be on the bed or the couch and you’d go on to touch yourself with your fingers the way you usually do when you’re excited…only the catch is, you and your partner begin this mutual masturbation at the same time. You pleasure yourself and they do the same to themselves. 

And hey, you could have a little more fun with this and try to synchronize with each other to reach the climax together!

Mutual masturbation, this way or that, has its own, and usually many, benefits, and the next section covers some of it.

The Benefits: Who Does It And Should I Try It?

Masturbation is actually quite healthy. If you were raised to believe otherwise, it’s time you actually washed your hands off of those beliefs and used your fingers for something more liberating or comforting, like touching yourself. Masturbation not only is healthy but is also proven to keep you happy. Believe me when I say it, the release of those endorphins will uplift your mood quite a bit.

Masturbation also helps you sleep. I’m not saying you should cultivate a habit of flicking the bean or yanking off every day before bed. However, every once in a while, it’s a really good idea. Your body feels happy and spent and your brain lets you drift off to sleep. And when you and your partner mutually masturbate, it only makes you realize how close you are to each other.

There’s a kind of intimacy in pleasuring yourself in front of your partner. Not only do you actively engage in what you like, but you’re also willing to show it to your partner as well. You’re willing to let them see you at your most vulnerable position and learn to please you better. This solidifies the bonds of trust that you have with each other. 

Mutual masturbation can be wonderful for all couples. Regardless of if they had been together a year or ten years. You can start the exploration of each other’s sexual interests this way today itself if you haven’t started yet – a lot of people do it and you should definitely try it.

How To Begin And Then Move Forward With It?

You begin mutual masturbation with a talk with your partner. Simply tell them that you’d like to know them more intimately or try something new and you’d love to masturbate together, like this. The more shy couples could start with touching each other first before feeling comfortable enough to touch their own selves in front of a partner.

Tell your partner you want to see them in action and know for yourself what they like the most in bed. Mutual masturbation is quite fun, try but keep these safety tips on your mind:

Mutual Masturbation Safety Tips 

The chances of getting pregnant or contracting any kind of STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) are relatively low during mutual masturbation. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

  • Don’t touch your partner or your vaginal cavity after you’ve touched or played with the anal cavity. There’s a lot of bacteria in the anus just waiting for an opportunity to enter the bloodstream and wreak havoc – don’t give these nutters any chance to make you sick. Keep some antiseptic wipes handy when you plan on going from anal to vaginal or oral, for that matter. Clean those hands, alright?
  • Cut your nails because you don’t know how much you can hurt your partner with a nick from your nails. You won’t be able to understand if you’re hurting them or if your nails are putting too much pressure on the soft inner linings of their private parts. It’s better to clean the hands and also cut the nails.
  • Do not insert your hands inside your partner’s vagina if you have sperm on them. I know, the chances of getting pregnant during mutual masturbation is almost zero but you can’t be too careful in these cases. Use a pair of latex gloves or just simply wear a condom if you plan on getting a bit dirty.

Benefits Of Mutual Masturbation Don’t Stop Here: Long Distance Couples Will Love This!

If you read my blog, you already know that mutual masturbation doesn’t have to be when you and your partner are on the same bed, or even in the same place…there are remote control sex toys, (something like this) that can be operated through remotes (that cover a range of a certain distance) or even an app, that help you mutually masturbate when your partner is away for some time.

kiiroo for long-distance

Now let’s come to that amusing anecdote – thank you for sticking with the article for so long, by the way – I was super excited to learn about my friend who uses innovative toys with her long-distance boyfriend. Since I’m all about the innovative sex toys, learning about their situation. Especially about the app-controlled long-distance relationship sex toy that my friend used for mutual masturbation – I couldn’t stop asking questions about it. She told me all about what had happened, what sex toys she and her partner were using, and how much fun they were having with it together! I’m super excited to have sex-positive people who are not afraid to share some stories with me. Also, she said it’s perfectly ok to write about it as well.

These sex toys are great! The mechanism lets you hear your partner’s voice. The controls even help you control the sex toy and you could pleasure yourself – while your partner does the same. And this is long-distance mutual masturbation! Now, this sounds very much like phone sex. However, you don’t control the sex toy through an app that your partner is using when you engage in phone sex. When it comes to such toys, Kiiroo is the king. You can even sync the toys and easily play together from a distance.

Final Words on Mutual Masturbation

Sex toys don’t necessarily have to be involved with mutual masturbation, long-distance or otherwise. Any two people, regardless of where they are, when they decide to pleasure each other – either by touching each other or themselves – that’s mutual masturbation. 

Mutual masturbation brings couples together more intimately and improves their sex life because you get to know what works on the bed for them and what doesn’t. It also solidifies trust among them and couples in long-distance relationships feel closer to each other when they use remote control sex toys or simply the phone to get a bit groovy that way.

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