Is Masturbation a Sin? Of Course, NO. Celebrate Masturbation May!

Is masturbation a sin

Let’s not hide what we do in our private time. We should never forget that masturbation is both a right and a privilege. So, when you wonder is masturbation a sin? Don’t forget that.

For those who may not be aware, May is masturbation month, and May 28th is the International Masturbation Day. It used to be celebrated on the 7th, yet in 2005 was moved. May is a month dedicated exclusively to the celebration of self-love and self-pleasure. Other than eating and dancing, masturbation is one of my preferred activities.

Initially, I kept wondering what the reason for having an International Masturbation Month is.  I mean, indeed, this is just something you do while taking a shower, or while lying on your bed before you fall asleep, or while watching an erotic movie or film.

How Masturbation May Started?

Good Vibrations, a San Francisco-based sex shop, created the celebration in 1995 after firing the General Surgeon Dr. Joycelyn after she suggested that masturbation be incorporated in youth sex education programs.

Masturbation is the most basic and universal form of all kinds of sex people have, although not many people can freely talk about it and still consider that masturbation is a sin. Worse, a lot of people still feel it’s awkward in some way. Masturbation Month lets you stress how great it is. It’s normal, common and fun!

Did you hear that? Normal, common, and fun! Then how can you celebrate this self-love for the whole month? Find out! I’ve just put together a few ideas about how you can make the most of the Masturbation Month we have left. So, is masturbation a sin? Definitely no. It’s a form of self-love, self-care, and self-pleasure.

Why May?

Simply because for a long time, the merry month of May has been considered to signify sexual awareness. Another reason is that both “masturbation” and “May” begin with “M” – it’s lovely and attractive.  

Is Masturbation a Sin? All About Health

Masturbation is not wrong for your body, lest you fear shaving your palms or have your eyes checked. Masturbation releases adrenaline, endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin – enabling you to relieve stress and boost your entire mood.

By releasing endorphins, it can also aid you in lowering your blood pressure and help you get to sleep.  A study established that masturbation in men reduces the risk of prostate cancer. It also relieves menstrual cramps in women. So, is masturbation a sin? No, it’s simply good for your health.

Masturbating is wholly common and healthy. There are lots of myths and legends out there about masturbation. Those are meant to scare you into thinking masturbation is a sin or a bad habbit. However, the reality is that it is perfectly safe.

Masturbation won’t make you blind, insane, or crazy. It won’t interfere with the health of your genitals or cause stunt growth. Masturbating doesn’t drain all your orgasms or make other forms of sex unsatisfactory. On the contrary, it helps you get to know your body better and therefore – know what to tell your partner when they ask what you like.

Masturbation can be and is good for you. What are some of the benefits of masturbation? Read On.

Masturbation Benefits

If you still ask yourself is masturbations a sin, check out these great benefits that it can bring you and then try asking again.

  • Masturbation, with or without sex toys, is the safest type of sex. It is basically impossible to contract an STD (sexually transmitted disease) from it. Unless you share unsanitary sex toys with someone. Also, masturbation won’t make you or your partner pregnant.
  • You get to know your body and learn what you like. Being able to give yourself sexual pleasure is very personal and can be super empowering. Also, it improves your body image and your confidence with a partner.
  • Having a rough day at work? Try masturbating. It can significantly reduce stress and help you relax. It also helps to fall asleep.
  • Masturbation can enable you to discover what you like and don’t like about sexuality, therefore make it easier to communicate it to your partner.
  • Mutual masturbation is another type of pleasure that can help you discover not only your but each other’s bodies. It is a secure way to have sex without technically having sex. It also allows the other person to know what actually makes you feel great. Let’s admit it, we all have those shy moments in bed. However, if you use sex toys for that, make sure you clean them before swapping or use separate ones. In general, sex toy sharing is not recommended, unless it’s your long-term partner.
  • Masturbation can even make you harder. That is super important when you become older. As your body ages, your muscles naturally lose tone – yes, even down there. Regular masturbation can strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. This helps to avoid erectile dysfunction and incontinence.
  • Could help you last longer during sex. Sometimes, people fail to last long enough in bed because to satisfy their partner. Sometimes you can get too excited, sometimes other reasons may be behind it. Regular masturbation that includes some teasing of yourself may help your performance duration in bed. It is said that masturbating around an hour before a date will offer you more control.

Can Masturbation Affect Your Relationship?

If you still think that the answer to is masturbation a sin question is yes, then you probably think that masturbation could affect your relationship in a negative way. The truth is it can boost your partnership.

Masturbation may

First, frequent masturbation can help you keep yourself sexually and physically assured – it’s not easy to explain to someone what you love if you don’t know yourself. Masturbation will help in strengthening your relationship since you’ll be able to satisfy your partner. 

Masturbate to Avoid a Booty Call

When you receive a late-night call from someone asking for sexual intercourse with you, decline politely with something like, “usually I would, but remember it’s an International Masturbation Month.”

The person will fully understand, and in fact, applaud you for being supportive of such a significant social cause. They may even consider you as someone who’ll make a great parent in the future. 

Celebrate Masturbation May

Masturbation is definitely not a sin and here are several ideas for you to encourage you to celebrate masturbation May.

Maintain the Act Daily

Whether you are a full novice or a specialized wankmaster, May is the perfect reason to buy a vibrator and enjoy yourself. It has been proven that your body can experience a lot of pleasure; why can’t you make that pleasure part of your everyday life? Challenge accepted!

Let Vibrator Club Substitute Book Club

If you frequently attend any group, why not fill may’s meetings with a vibrator talk? It’s the best opportunity to share tips and advice with your closest associates and discover which vibrator or pocket pussy you need to order right now.

masturbate with sex toys

Your friends must have tried out products you haven’t found or which sex toy must-have. This masturbation month is worth sharing out.

Let Mutual Masturbation Take over Sex

If you are in a relationship, casual arrangement, or want to try out something new, then this is the time to swap sex with mutual masturbation. Well, it may make you feel more helpless in the hands of another person, but it will be more pleasurable than you think.

Arrange a Movie Night Specialized On Awesome Masturbation Acts

While I don’t suggest you decisively arrange a super-stroppy movie night, something is endowing about positive demonstrations of wanking on screen. Luckily, there are many realistic, fun, and thrilling masturbating descriptions.

Apart from focusing more on male masturbators, what about Pleasantville, where the whole world is brought to life when a woman masturbates.

Help Dismiss the Myth That Women Don’t Wank

Now, since this issue is regarded as taboo, many people are still not sure to talk about it. May is the most excellent excuse to publicly speak about the topic that’s perhaps close to your heart. There are chances that you’ll be preaching to change.

Make a List of Your Top 5 Favorite Wanks

Almost everybody has heard of a top 5. But for the sake of those who don’t know, it’s a list of celebrities you’d fuck if given a chance. In memory of this sacred month, create a list of your top 5 wanks.

Remember to include as many details as you can and let the details fuel your solo sessions. Imagine jerking off as you imagine having steamy sex with that celebrity you’re always crushing on.

Discover a New Method

If you’ve been wanking for some time, it might be the best time to change your style. After going through the latest sex techniques suitable for a solo experience, try it out even if it’s not your regular style. If you are already familiar with gadgetry, try out hands-only or a new location to change for May moments of self-satisfaction.

Masturbate For Charity

Over the years, there have been several Masturbate-a-Thon that aids in raising money for sexual wellbeing and women’s wellbeing initiatives.  Why not consider creating your own with friends?

Is Masturbation a Sin? Final Words

Since most people still treat it with guilt or feel they overdo it, or feel it’s the best alternative to real sex. Therefore, it is essential to talk about it in the open and feel better about their actions and encourage it. Love rules!

There are numerous ways to make the most of Masturbation Month, but masturbation remains the most important. If you are motivated and wanking is something you enjoy, then this is your time, my friend. Your time. Is. Now.

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