How to Masturbate? 10 Effective Techniques

How to Masturbate?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just discovering masturbation or simply got tired of your regular masturbation routine – you’ve come to the right place. Today I will tell you how to masturbate and will share 10 effective masturbation techniques.

How to Masturbate With Your Hands?

Well, naturally most of us start the masturbation quest from regular sessions without dominating hand. That’s the obvious choice. However, there are more ways to masturbate when you’re using only your hands.

#1 The Regular

The Regular masturbation method stands for casual masturbation with your dominant hand. However, there are ways you can improve it.

First, consider using lube. This way you will reduce the friction and have a smoother experience. Your hand will be gliding on your dick as if it was made of ice.

Second, don’t forget to play with your other erogenous zones, or at least with your balls. While some guys have pretty sensitive jewels, most guys enjoy some stimulation.

Third, you can consider changing the scenery. Don’t limit yourself to your chair in front of the computer. You can masturbate in the shower or while taking a bath. Warm water helps relax your muscle and makes the whole experience more exciting.

However, even if you have a private pool – don’t use it for masturbation. If you’ve ever masturbated in water, you know that cum doesn’t simply dissolve in the water.

So, if you masturbate in a pool and don’t change the water, you’ll be leaving a nasty surprise for others or for yourself the next time you decide to take a swim.

#2 The Stranger

The Stranger is a solo masturbation technique that men use when they want to feel like someone else is giving them a blowjob. Yet, they’re doing it themselves.

So, if you want to feel like someone else is giving you a hand, here’s how to masturbate:

First, put one of your palms under your thigh or butt and wait until it becomes numb.

During that time, use your imagination or some videos to get yourself excited and ready for action.

When you’re all good and hard, and your selected hand is numb – time to go downtown.

There’s aren’t any specific rules about what you should do – just do what you like.

By using this technique, you will discover a very unique sensation – it will feel like some stranger perfectly knows everything that feels good for you – enjoy!

#3 The Prostate Massage

Believe it or not, prostate stimulation does provide you with one of the most exciting and intense orgasms. It doesn’t matter whether you do it with your finger or by using a sex toy – you can reach incredible orgasms.

find your prostate to learn how to masturbate

The prostate is a gland located between your scrotum and butthole. It can be reached from the outside by pressing in the middle between the butthole and the scrotum.

However, a more effective way to reach it and stimulate it is by putting a finger into your rectum and feeling it from the inside. Similar to what a doctor does during a prostate exam.

If you’re new to this, I would recommend starting by giving yourself a prostate massage with your fingers. Why, you wonder?

Simply to understand whether you’re the type of guy who enjoys this type of stimulation.

Also, I would recommend you to use a condom for the first time at least. Here is a detailed guide to prostate stimulation.

It’s perfectly normal if you will feel like you don’t enjoy the sensations of a finger in your butthole. You can still stimulate it from the outside. However, it will take a lot more time to reach an orgasm.

How to Masturbate Hands-Free?

If you’re tired of your regular dates with righty and lefty, it’s time to level up your masturbation game. Here I will share with you my favorite hands-free masturbation techniques. They will help you reach mind-blowing orgasms without the help of your hands.

#4 Hands-Free Seduction

Well, believe it or not, there are ways to reach an orgasm without touching yourself, using sex toys or having a helping hand.

It will require some serious self-control. Be ready to fail quite a few times. However, when you manage to control yourself for long enough – the orgasms you’ll be experiencing will be simply mind-blowing.

How to masturbate hands-free? Simple. Turn on the porn videos that turn you on real good and wait.

Don’t do anything. Don’t touch yourself. Seems easy? Try it. When you’re all horny and excited it’s super hard to keep your hands away from your private parts. Trust me.

But it’s totally worth it. The orgasm will be simply INSANE.

#5 DIY Sex Toys

Let me tell you a little secret – making sex toys, such as pocket pussies is super easy.

Homemade Pocket Pussy and Fleshlight Ideas

In most cases, it requires simple items that you can find at home, such as towels, sponges, and plastic gloves. In this detailed guide, I wrote a while ago, you will find 30+ ways to make a homemade pocket pussy.

How to make it hands-free, you wonder? Simple! Here is a way to crack the how to masturbate hands-free with DIY sex toys:

Simply stick the pocket pussy between sofa cushions or anywhere that’s comfy for you and enjoy your hands-free orgasms.

#6 Hands-Free Prostate Massagers

Having a hands-free orgasm with a prostate massager will require some investment. However, if you’re one of the guys that enjoy his p-spot stimulation, consider getting an Aneros prostate massager.

With just under 60 dollars, you will be getting one of the best prostate massagers in the market. Aneros started as a medical company, however, when p-spot orgasms were discovered, they started focusing on that.

How to masturbate hands-free: Aneros prostate massagers

What sets Aneros from the competition is their focus on hands-free experiences. Each of their prostate massagers has a special trident shape that masturbates the prostate from the inside and the outside.

Once you put it in, the rest of the work is done by your pelvic muscles, so you can enjoy a hands-free masturbation session. Or you can touch your penis in the meantime – whatever you like.

#7 Automatic Blowjob Machines

With Technologies becoming more advanced, sex toys advance as well. Currently, there are various automatic male masturbators and various sex machines that were designed to please the sexual needs of nearly any individual.

As advanced as they are, sex machines come with a price tag. In this niche, automatic blowjob machines are the cheapest ones. Yet, they still cost over a hundred dollars.

Kiiro Onyx Plus

Currently, my favorite one is Onyx+. It’s VR compatible and comes with multiple other benefits. You can read my Onyx+ review here to learn more about this incredible blowjob machine.

How to Masturbate With Sex Toys?

We’ve already started discussing how to masturbate with sex toys and now it’s time to dive into some more detail. In this part, I will cover the best masturbation methods with toys and the sex toys that are the best for that purpose.

#8 Discover Fleshlights

When I first discovered Fleshlights, they seemed a bit odd to me. Definitely not something I considered sticking my penis into.

However, after reading tons of positive reviews, I understood that I don’t really have anything to lose (except for my money) and decided to give it a go.

Fleshlight deal - STU combo

Once my first Fleshlight arrived several years ago – I had that life-changing (more like masturbation-changing) experience.

Fleshlights are simply insane. They’re made from quality materials and can provide you with experiences that are super realistic or intense enough to revive even the numbest dick.

Trust me on this one – Fleshlights are amazing.

#9 Prostate Toys

Since we’ve covered the best sex toys for the penis, time to talk about the best prostate toys.

First, you need to know that there are two types of them: vibrating ones and non-vibrating ones.

Price-wise, vibrating ones are a lot more expensive than non-vibrating ones. If you want quality, of course, and not just to throw away your money.

However, if you choose non-vibrating prostate massagers, around 50 dollars is enough to get a top-quality prostate massager.

For such I would recommend one that’s made by Aneros. They’re in business for more than 20 years, so they know what they’re doing.

Also, they don’t require using your hands besides putting it in and taking it out.

In general, I prefer the non-virbating ones.

#10 VR Fun

If you’re very serious about stepping up your masturbation game – VR (virtual reality) is the answer.

However, the downside to it, is that it will require some investment. Contrary to regular sex toys, where you can make some of them yourself, or get a compact or cheaper version, with VR it’s either all in or don’t even bother.

Virtual Sex Feels Real

The cheapest way to get into VR sexual experiences is quality VR glasses and do all the pleasurable work yourself or have a partner to do that.

If you want more – you will need VR-compatible sex toys. Personally, I don’t own a lot of them, but the best I’ve tried so far is Onyx+. You can read about my experience with it here.

Final Thoughts On How To Masturbate

As you can see, there are many ways how to masturbate without making it boring. However, it is very important that you don’t over-masturbate.

When a guy discovers this pleasure – naturally he wants more. I know I did when I was a teenager. However, you shouldn’t get too carried away. Too much masturbation can cause dissatisfaction in real sex.

This can lead to you being unable to form long-term bonds with any human being and constantly relying on your hand or sex toys to give you pleasure.

So, just like with alcohol – enjoy but with responsibility.

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