How to Make Your Penis Bigger With Food?

How to Make Your Penis Bigger With Food

It’s past midnight and going to bed would be better than staying up to write this article about how to make your penis bigger with food. However, the men are still asking. However, people, food can only do so much for your penis. It’s pretty much impossible to give your junior those extra inches by just eating the sexually healthy equivalent of an apple – there’s just no saying like a pear a day keeps those inches coming your way. Sadly, making your penis bigger with food is like finding Alice out in that wonderland of hers – it’s not going to happen that easily.

But okay, wait, I know it seems sort of stupid on my part to name an article “how to…” and contradictory to the title – or not – telling that it won’t be possible right at the beginning and that the ‘how to’ part of this whole thing is unattainable. So, there sure are food products – and other ways – to make your penis bigger. This article will talk about both the food and the ways other than eating those food products to make your penis bigger. 

But honoring the title of this article, let us begin with the food products that we can cultivate a habit of eating, regardless of if they’re adding some inches or not. Because hey, a bigger penis or not, eating an apple or a pear or a banana every once in a while never hurt anyone.

Food That We Can Eat To Help Our Penis Grow Bigger

As I said, it’s almost impossible to eat an apple, or a pear, or a banana and wake up with two extra inches added to your junior. But the catch is that a healthy lifestyle can actually do wonders to your erections, if not increase your length. A banana can actually help, but more on that later. 

Simply look at the whole thing this way, eating the food that is allegedly healthy and said to increase the size of your penis will help you be overall healthier – that’s already a benefit in itself! Apart from that, a healthy you equals a more fit and active you. Which in turn equals you with more stamina. If you can’t see where I’m going with this, more stamina equals to you performing really well in bed.

Somewhat, a healthy diet helps you lose toxins from your body. And all those minerals that eating healthy food introduces in your body, have a high chance of making your erections more firm. You might not have an extra inch but your penis would have more vitality when your body is more healthy.

So let’s just look at these food items and decide which ones to eat first, okay? 


dates for your penis health

This is a fancy snack. I’m not kidding, but dates are actually eaten every day in the Middle East because they’re believed to be the ‘fruit of heaven’. They’re filled with rich nutrients, fibers, and antioxidants. One of the reasons you could pop one in every once in a while – or maybe every day after lunch – is that they’re sure to increase the blood flow inside your body. 

We all know what increased blood flow does – it improves your erections. Mighty erections equal to your penis looking bigger, even if it doesn’t result in a penis that has actually increased in size. And oh, eating dates can also allegedly enlarge women’s breasts. So if, by chance, you’re a woman reading this article just for fun or to gain some knowledge, here’s something for you too. Pop those dates in your mouth like candy, people. Antioxidants and nutrients never hurt anyone.


banana to improve your penis health

Did you see this one coming? Did you know eating a banana can actually help enlarge your banana? (I’m sorry for that banal joke, I get a little inclined towards and am totally prone to idiosyncrasies after midnight.) Anyway, eating a banana gives your body that healthy dose of much-needed potassium. So go ahead and eat two bananas instead of one, (but don’t eat five of them, that’s just too many) because the potassium in them makes your heart happy. By that, I meant that a banana has a healthy effect on your life because your heart pumps more blood with easy pressure.

So again let’s recapitulate, more bananas equal more potassium, more potassium equals a healthy heart with increased blood flow. An increased blood flow to your penis makes your erections firmer, and yes you guessed it right – increased blood flow to the erections you have also made your penis look bigger. Bananas also help regulate blood pressure and that increases your stamina. There you go then, buy some bananas and make that smoothie, today.

Hot Sauce

hot sauce for erections

There will be a significant difference in your sex life if you can manage to eat some hot sauce. (What I meant by that is, use hot sauce for garnish at the side with different meals, don’t drink it like it’s a banana smoothie.) Spicy food spikes up those testosterone levels in your body and makes you horny. Again, the trick is the increased flow of the blood. 

But there’s more, the capsaicin in chilies has actually been shown to impart growth in certain body parts (ahem, your testicles might see some growth if not your most beloved appendage) and a bonus is, spicy food helps lose belly fat! Although, make sure you don’t get diarrhea. Always eat hot sauce based on what your tolerance for spicy food is. Red chilies and peppers sure do mix well if you plan to have a spicy night but don’t overdo it.

Cherries and Wine

cherries and wine to improve erections

They go really well together and not just because they taste absolute wow when matched well. Both of these food items encourage blood flow to your whole body, including your nether regions. 

Wine has antioxidants and cherries directly have a positive effect on blood flow with Vitamin B and cancer-fighting flavonoids! So, for your penis length or not, eat cherries because they’re healthy for you.

What Else Can I Do Except Eating Healthy?

That is such an unnecessary question but one that I have been asked several times – “I have tried eating healthy but it doesn’t have any impact on my penis growth, what else should I do?” Well, firstly, don’t forget that eating healthy is good for you so don’t stop taking a balanced diet and secondly, understand why you want a bigger penis. Before deciding on an alternative, like using a penis extender or going for penile surgery, sit and think if you really need to do this.

A quick fix is the penis pump

Although penis pumps are used to treat erectile dysfunction, you could use them to pump your penis up to get those most coveted extra Inches. It’s really a quick and temporary fix in case someone special is coming over and you think you need a nudge. I’m pretty sure you don’t need any help and this penis dysmorphia is all in your head…but hey, I’m just a non-interested third party, don’t listen to me. (That was sarcasm, listen to me, you don’t need a bigger penis unless a medical professional thinks you do.)

So, this is where I tell you what a penis pump is. A penis pump is a device that uses a vacuum to create hard erections for you and help them last longer than usual. The device typically consists of a tube, a ring, and of course, a pump. Many penis pumps might have additional parts as it depends on what model you’re getting for yourself.

If used properly, the penis pump is actually quite effective as it isn’t a drug and can be used many times without recurring costs. Your doctor or a medical professional might prescribe one for you. Penis pumps although, are also available in many sex shops simply as novelty items.

There are obviously some safety issues. Your penis is sensitive and the skin might get irritated with regular or prolonged use. You can also see blood on the surface, and when you do it’s time you stopped using it. Here is a video that shows a penis pump in action (on a toy, people) and how to properly use it.

A not-so-quick fix with an extender

While penis pumps can quickly add that inch you desire, the effects will wear off. So, if you’re looking for something that would be more permanent – a penis extender or a surgery are basically the two remaining options. Surgery is a very expensive and painful option, compared to its alternative – an extender.

Using a penis extender is similar to going to the gym. As your muscles grow step by step and it takes at least a month or so to see results, the same goes with using an extender. It’s a commitment that requires effort and dedication. You can read a detailed version of how a penis extender works you can read a detailed explanation here.

Takeaway on How to Make Your Penis Bigger With Food

Many food items help increase blood flow to the penis but only a few, or to be honest, none of them help with significant growth of your penis. Ginger and dark chocolate may be healthy but they aren’t magical. Neither are the above-mentioned dates or cherries.

And to be perfectly candid, the size of your penis matters to no one except your insecure self. But no, I’m not berating or blaming you. Many have preyed on these insecurities of men and I’m only saying, read up a bit on the average penis size and what the criteria is for surgeries or implants before making any decisions. You might just be rushing into making judgements about yourself. 

Talk to your partner, engage in a healthy relationship – both physical and mental and in no time, you’ll be drinking wine to enjoy a casual Saturday evening and not because it’ll allegedly make your penis bigger.

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