How To Make Penis Thicker And Longer…Naturally?

how to make penis thicker and longer naturally

I have a feeling I’ve written something along the lines of these before – How to make a penis longer because size is all that matters? How to make a penis bigger because the bigger the better? How to cum more because I like drowning women that way? – articles like these, minus my little insights at the end of those questions, are found in abundance on the internet. And yes, I might just have written a few of them myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t write these articles because I have nothing better to do. But I write these articles because I really do research a lot and come up with this and that every once in a while, that helps people in some way. My favorite pastime is adding to the source of my knowledge, which is just a fancy way of saying I like knowing things. So, how to make a man’s penis thicker and longer, naturally? 

Things We Must Ponder Upon: How To Go About Making A Penis Long…Naturally?

Ooh, there were so many ways of getting a large penis – stretching it, pulling it, doing a little bit of surgery on it – but this had to happen naturally. But stop and ask yourself, have you ever heard someone saying jelqing worked wonders for them? I mean yeah, people on the internet say a lot of things about it but what about that colleague who has been religiously jelqing for 6 months now? Have you asked this colleague, or perhaps a friend, has anything helped add an inch or two?

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I say it with a heavy heart, but using just your hands won’t work. You’ll only wear yourself outstretching that junior of yours and not see any impressive results. Just ask that neighbor, go on, and you’ll know. What you can do is take a little help from a traction device. Yes, I know that traction devices are usually prescribed and proven to treat Peyronie’s disease to some extent, but they can also help you get that extra length. And of course, when all else fails: there’s always surgery.

Why Can’t I Try Getting A Thicker And Longer Penis Naturally?

No one is stopping you, you can very much try all the methods available to use for a common man to increase his penis’s size naturally. The problem is, we as human beings often want quick results. And quick results are a bit hard to get when all you’re doing is hoping for the best. But I did advertise this article as something that’ll talk about ways you could try to make a penis long as well as thick… naturally. Therefore you could give these few methods a go:

How about a massage?

Let’s start small, shall we? (Okay, I’m sorry, no more jokes that might hit a nerve.) So you can start by massaging your penis manually, as some would say it’s one of the techniques to have a thicker and longer penis naturally. What you do is, you can use some lube – not oil, do not go about taking this oil or that and bringing it in contact with your sensitive parts.

Take a generous amount of lube and massage your penis. This will stretch out the skin of your penis and help, maybe help, in making that junior of yours a little bigger and thicker.

Have you tried jelqing?


This is a popular one, I’ve heard, and all the cool kids sure are doing it. Jelqing apparently, has many benefits – it makes your penis thick, it improves your sex life and it gives new lengths to the junior down there. I read this article on jelqing once which said I should consider ‘preheating’ my penis before starting the exercise of jelqing…and I was at a loss because, how do you preheat a penis? No one told me I could preheat a penis. Why did I not know there was an option like this all along?

Anyway, so what you do, besides the preheating, is take lots of lube (remember, you should always have lube in your house if you have sex, or sex toys and simply are an enthusiastic open-minded person) and slather it all over the length of your penis to go up and down with your hands. You have to, for sure, repeat this process every day and you might see results. 

Be cautious and gentle, because you don’t want to hurt yourself through any major tears – micro-tears are welcome as they’re sort of what Jelqing is all about. Jelqing, though, isn’t all fun and games because rough handling, like squeezing the penis too hard or aggressively rubbing it, might cause damage to it – your penis isn’t an oven, really. You can use it to put a bun in a certain kind of oven but you can’t repair it in a shop if it gets damaged. Do some reading on jelqing before you decide to try it out for yourself.

Also, just to clarify, I know now that preheating means getting a semi-hard erection. See, this is why you need to read up a little on jelqing before you consider doing it – you need to know the basics before getting into it.

Using a penis pump is another way to go!

Okay, this isn’t entirely natural but I’ve been saying you can’t rely just on your hands for a while now so here’s what it is. A penis pump usually helps with erectile dysfunction, I know. But the principle behind it is that since it’s giving you an immediate erection, such frequent erections will help make your penis stronger. 

You’ll also ejaculate really fast due to the effect of the pump but your erection will retain. Now, I know this sounds like something that can never help but practice does make a man perfect…so maybe, I’m saying maybe, a penis pump is a way to have a bigger and thicker penis – these pumps certainly do help with your erections so, maybe give it a try?

It’s Time To Bring Out The Big Guns: Penile Traction Therapy And Surgery

Ask yourself, why do you want a longer and thicker penis? Many answers would revolve around insecurities like wondering if your penis is large enough as it is. Or if your partner is happy with your performance in bed. And mostly, how you think that the bigger the penis, the better the performance and the happier the partner in bed. Well, it’s time someone called it for what this is: a bunch of myths leading to insecurities in men.

penis extender

Firstly, women don’t even care how long your penis is if they like you for who you are. Secondly, size ceases to matter the second you learn how to use your fingers and tongue, and thirdly, in the case of penis extenders, the smaller the better. I’m not kidding, I actually took it in my hands (okay this was the last joke, I’m done now) to collect testimonials and found out that the smaller the penis was, the better were the results after they’d used a penis extender.

Many manufacturers even state that according to the trials that were held, smaller penises showed more potential to grow or get bigger than already large or even average-sized penises. You see, a penis can’t grow till infinity – your sperm isn’t Jack’s magic beans and the penis isn’t a magical beanstalk. A smaller penis holds the potential to grow up to an average size, all you need to do is put up that traction device.

Penile Traction Therapy: How does it work and what should I know about it?

You can get yourself a penile traction device, regardless of whether or not you have Peyronie’s disease, and try using it at home. This is also called penis stretching as the device holds the penis stretched out straight, or at your preferred angle, for longer durations of time. 

The traction devices available in the market more or less operate the same way – there’s a pelvic ring at the base of this device and you insert your penis into the device through it. A traction device holds your stretched-out penis through extension rods. The machine’s built-in mechanism allows it to attach itself to your body (the pelvic region). The lightweight models are also easy to move about and sleep in! Using a penile traction device is useful as well as discreet.

Surgery for penis enlargement

Surgery allows you to either make the penis look bigger by cutting the ligaments that hold the penis together or actually increase the length and girth of your penis. This is achieved by borrowing fat cells from other parts of the body and adding them where they’re necessary. Surgery usually makes the penis bigger or makes it look bigger by about 2 cm (0.7 inches). 


There are a lot of methods you could try to make your penis bigger and thicker but the best thing you can do is leave it as it is. Trust me, your penis size is the last thing you should be worried about – most of these insecurities are just in your head. Although, if you think your penis really needs some length or size, visit a doctor or a health professional to discuss and choose the best possible method suited for you.

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