How to Fix a Curved Penis? 6 Effective Techniques

How to fix a curved penis

Having a severely crooked penis can cause severe psychological, physical, and sexual problems. So, knowing how to fix a curved penis can seriously increase your life quality.

Before we start, you need to know that there are two types of penis curvature:

  • Congenital curvature – a curvature that a person is born with
  • Peyronie’s disease – a curvature that happens because of trauma / unnatural bent of the penis

Congenital Penis Curvature

It is perfectly normal to be born with a slightly curved penis. Most men are like you as well.

Usually, the curvature shows only when the penis erect. The penis can be curved upwards or downwards as well as sideways.

Having a slight curvature of the penis usually doesn’t affect a person’s sexual life in a negative way.

In some cases, it even gives you an advantage. A curved penis, in some sex positions, can actually stimulate the G-spot or the P-spot more intensely. Therefore, give your partner a quicker and more intense orgasm.

So, if you have a slightly curved penis that doesn’t interfere with your sex life or cause you any problems – there is no need to learn how to fix a curved penis.

Unless you’re curious or worried. If that’s the case, I would still recommend consulting with a physician first.

Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is caused by fibrous scar tissue forming in the penis. The scarring leads to painful erections, difficulty to keep an erection, and a bent penis.

Contrary to Congenital penis curvature, a penis trauma causes Peyronie’s disease and it is not something you are born with.

Compared to the penis curvature that a person is born with, Peyronie’s disease can cause more physical troubles. However, there is a chance that it won’t cause any at all and it will all come down to esthetics.

Unfortunately, in most cases, Peyronie’s disease will not go away on its own, and the sooner you start healing yourself, the better chance you have to heal completely.

If you don’t take action, the symptoms can worsen over time. However, even if you’re a little late to cure it, there is still a chance to improve the symptoms with proper treatment.

Yet, before you start any kind of treatment: at home or with a physician, always consult a professional. This article is for informational purposes only.

How to Fix a Curved Penis at Home

If you suffer from a curved penis, there are ways you can help yourself by learning how to fix a curved penis at home.

There are some special exercises that can help you straighten the penis over time. Yet, I always recommend consulting with a professional before you start any kind of treatment.

While home remedies should help most cases, every penis is different.

That’s why a consultation with a physician could help you get yourself on the right track, as well as, have realistic expectations or even speed up the whole process.

I wish I could tell you that home remedies can do magic overnight. However, they can’t. All home remedies are like an exercise routine for your penis that requires a serious commitment.

Yet, that commitment can lead to brilliant results.

#1 Penis Stretching Exercises to Treat Curvature

These easy penis stretching exercises can help you even out and extend the length of your penis.

What is important to know is that they should only be performed when your penis is not erect.

How to perform the exercise?

  1. Hold the tip of your non-erect penis with one hand and hold the shaft with the other one.
  2. Gently stretch out your penis to its full length and hold it for 30 seconds.
  3. Release your penis and let it return to normal.

This penis exercise needs to be performed at least 3 times a day. Each session should have at least 3-4 stretches.

This exercise shouldn’t cause you any discomfort or pain. If you experience anything like that, stop immediately and consult a physician.

To increase the effects of the exercise, combine it with the one described below.

#2 Penis Straightening Exercises to Treat Curvature

The second exercise is designed to straighten your penis. This exercise should only be performed when your penis is erect.

However, the erection should have nothing to do with any kind of sexual activity. You should perform it only when you get the so-called random boners.

Here’s how to perform the exercise:

  1. When you get a random boner, use one of your hands to hold the penis.
  2. Use your other hand to straighten out the penis (bend it in the opposite direction than the curve).
  3. Hold your penis in the straightened position for 30 seconds and then let go.

You can perform this exercise at least once a day or at any time that you get a random boner.

Keep in mind that bending your penis should not cause any pain or discomfort. If anything like that happens, consult your physician immediately.

To increase the effects of this exercise, combine it with the one described above.

Keep in mind that in order to get visible results, you should perform the exercises on a daily basis. Unless it causes you any discomfort. Then immediately contact your doctor.

#3 Special Penis Extender

Penis extenders that work in a similar manner that the stretching exercises do, can help you fix a curved penis faster.

If you’re not familiar with penis extenders, let me give you a general overview. First, many people confuse penis extenders with penis pumps.

In short, penis pumps are vacuum tubes that increase the blood flow to your penis and make it visibly bigger for a short amount of time. Once the blood flow returns to normal, the effects wear off.

Penis extenders, on the other hand, can give you semi-permanent or permanent results. Yet, for the first results to show, you will need to work for them for at least a month.

How a penis extender works:

  1. Wear it. When you’re wearing a penis extender, it puts your penis in a straight position and applies a constant light stretch to it. This process is called penis traction. Such stretching, even for hours, will not interfere with normal penis functions.
  2. Form micro-tears. Growing and straightening your penis is similar to muscle training. When you’re stretching your penis, micro-tears form in the cells. Those micro-tears are a signal to your body, that the penis requires healing.
  3. The healing. Newly formed gaps in cells trigger your penis cells to split and fill those micro-tears. It’s a perfectly natural process you probably know from biology, called mitosis. When you’re using a special penis extender that is designed to treat the penis curvature, the shorter sie of your penis will be stretching and will eventually even out with the longer one.
Fixing penis curvature

Currently, the most effective penis extender is Quick Extender Pro for Peyronie’s disease. I’ve only tried the regular one, yet, you can read about my experience with it here.

Results: Naturally Staright and Enlarged Penis

Even though this process takes some time, it’s a completely natural way to straighten and, in the meantime, enlarge your penis. This process is painless and can give you permanent results.

The results vary and depend on how accurately you follow the training program. However, if you stick to your program, most likely you will be able to restore an important quality factor of your life.

Some studies have shown that if you stretch the penis for 2 to 8 hours per day for 6 months or more, you may actually restore the length and the original curving of the penis.

How to Fix a Curved Penis With Medical Help

If home remedies aren’t an answer to how to fix a curved penis, there are some medical treatments you can try.

#4 Oral Drugs

fix a curved penis with oral drugs

In the early stages, some drugs can be helpful to men who suffer from severe curvature and want to know how to fix a curved penis faster.

However, you must know that there are very few studies made to prove the correlation between the below-mentioned drugs and their effects on straightening the penis

Vitamin E – a natural antioxidant. Even back in 1948 studies were made that showed that vitamin E might make plaques smaller, therefore help straighten the penis. However, it was not a comparison study (group A that takes vitamin E vs group B that doesn’t).

Tamoxifen – in general, is used to treat desmoid tumors. Such tumors are similar to plaques related to Peyronie’s disease. It’s a non-steroidal, anti-estrogen drug. However, there is no strong evidence that this drug works.

Colchicine – an anti-swelling agent. A few small studies (without controls) claim that it can help with penis curvature. However, for many men, it caused stomach problems. So, they stopped taking it and this drug doesn’t have any strong scientific evidence.

Carnitine– one more antioxidant drug that is believed to help to fix a curved penis. Carnitine helps to lower swelling which helps various wounds to heal. Some small studies proved that carnitine could be actually helpful. However, there is no strong scientific background.

#5 How to Fix a Curved Penis With Penile Injections

Injections straight to the penis are more effective than oral drugs. Naturally, the affected area gets a higher concentrate of the drug.

Getting penile injections is popular among men who tried many other measures, however, still wish to avoid surgery.

Here is the most popular drug injection to help fix a curved penis:

Collagenase injections – collagenase is produced by your body as well. It is the only drug approved in the U.S. for treating Peyronie’s disease and is sold under the Xiaflex® brand. It is used on patients with a curvature that is more severe than 30 degrees. Xiafles is injected into plaques.

Verapamil injections – in general, this drug is designed for patients with high blood pressure. There are some studies that suggest this drug is also helpful with curved penises. However, it requires more studies to prove how well it actually works.

Interferon injections – it’s a natural protein that even your body produces. It helps to control swelling which helps control the severity of scarring. There was large-scale testing taken that actually helped with Peyronie’s disease. However, it still requires more studies to prove its effectiveness.

#6 Surgery to Treat Penis Curvature With Surgery

Well, if nothing works and you think that the best way on how to fix a curved penis is a surgical intervention – it could be your answer.

Surgery is only performed in very severe cases when Peyronie’s disease makes it hard to have sex. However, surgeries are only performed on patients for which the curving stopped to get worse and they are pain-free for at least 9 – 12 months.

The main ways how to fix a curved penis with surgery are to make the longer side shorter or the shorter side longer. Another method is using a prosthetic device inside the penis. You can learn more about each method here.

Final Words

I have told you all the information I know on how to fix a curved penis. As you can see, there are home remedies, as well as those that require surgical intervention.

Keep in mind that this article for informational purposes only. Before you take any of these potential remedies, consult with a physician, as every case is different and requires individual evaluation.

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