Hands-Free Orgasm Techniques

hands-free orgasm

Did you know that the orgasmic reactions start in your brain and not in your private parts? Yep, and that’s exactly why hands-free orgasm is possible and quite easy to achieve.

In general, there are two categories of hands-free orgasm: with external stimulation and without.

External stimulation means using other objects or visuals to stimulate arousal. No external stimulation means letting your brains do all the work.

In this article, I’ll discuss both of them. Naturally, using external stimulators is an easier and faster way to reach a hands-free orgasm. So, let’s start with the easy ways and finish with the complex ones.

Hands-Free Orgasm With External Stimulators

One of the easiest ways to reach a hands-free orgasm is by using an external stimulant. Such include various objects, visuals, and even sounds. Let’s see in more detail how you can benefit from each.

Visuals as Stimulators

Ever since the internet happened – porn happened. Every year, the porn industry grows by x percent. No surprise here, porn is one of the most powerful sexual stimulators.

Watching porn or erotic movies can help you reach orgasms. However, the same action can help you reach hands-free orgasms as well. All it requires is some discipline and keeping your hands away from your private parts.

What I can tell you from my personal experience – the hands-free orgasms are more intense. However, I only manage to reach them every third try.

Why? Try it and you will know how difficult it is to keep your hands away from your private parts.

Sounds as Stimulators

Naturally, many visual stimulants are accompanied by sound. Just think about it, how hotter are those erotic videos when you hear the moaning?

What if you turned it off? It still works when it comes to arousal, however, it still feels like some part of your brain screams for more. That’s natural, one sense is enhanced by the other. So, if you lose one, your imagination needs to substitute.

However, what if you tried the sounds without the visuals? As you know, many people use nature sounds for relaxation, so you can use sexual sounds for arousal.

For me personally, sounds are even more erotic than the views. Even though it takes time, reaching a hands-free orgasm only by using sound is very rewarding.

Objects as Stimulators

Probably this category is the vastest one. There are numerous objects that can work as stimulators. However, to make it easier, let’s create two subcategories:

  • objects that you can find at home
  • sex toys

Household Items

Couch pocket pussy

This category includes all items that can be found in nearly every household and can serve as tools to reach a hands-free orgasm.

When it comes to this category, it’s your imagination that you have to use. However, when you come up with an idea, first ask yourself whether it’s safe.

There are numerous videos online where people got hurt simply by acting stupid and not thinking about consequences. Such includes using sharp objects, glass objects, and similar.

If you have even a little doubt and a voice inside your head says should I? Most likely you shouldn’t. Remember, you’re at your own risk.

However, there are safe ways to stimulate yourself and reach hands-free orgasms. Such include humping a pillow (or grinding against a pillow), sofa humping, and similar.

If you want to reach hands-free orgasms with a partner, you can bump and grind against each other. It’s pretty hard not to turn that into sex. At least it is for me and my partner.

Sex Toys

Sex toys are my favorite way to reach hands-free orgasms. While some of you will disagree and say that sex toys require hand action – I will tell you that not necessarily.

There are some sex toys that will require body movements, however, there are those that require nothing. All you need is simply to find a comfortable position, relax, and let the toy do the work.

Here are the best sex toys for hands-free orgasms:

Sex ToyThe LooksHow to use?Where to get?
Aneros Helix Syn TridentAneros Helix trident SynFor men. Insert the prostate massager and let the pelvic muscle do the work.Check price
Lelo HugoLELO Hugo Prostate MassagerFor men. Insert the prostate massager and use the remote for control.Check price
Fleshlight Quickshot Launch + QuickshotQuickshot launchFor men. An automatic blowjob machine will stroke your penis hands-free.Check price
Kiiroo Onyx+Kiroo-Onyx2For men. Best male masturbator for hands-free orgasms.Check price
Fleshlight + Shower mountFleshlight-shower-mountFor men. Have hands-free orgasms in the shower with Fleshlight.Check price
Lelo IdaLelo IDAFor women. Simply insert it and use the remote to reach climax.Check price
Eva iieva iiFor women. The only vibrator that doesn’t require holding or attaching.Check price

As you can see, some of these require to click buttons or thrust and others require no hand action to reach orgasms. Nonetheless, from what I experienced and what experts are talking – these are the best sex toys for those who want to reach hands-free orgasm.

Hands-Free Orgasm Without External Stimulators

Now, time to discuss the more difficult way to achieve a hands-free orgasm. That is, without any external stimulators.

This means that it’s only your mind that is going to do all the work. In general, there are two very effective ways and we will explore them both.

Hands-Free Orgasm Hypnosis

hands-free orgasm hypnosis

There is a practice called Erotic Hypnosis. It’s like a guided meditation that can lead you to an orgasm. However, if you want to reach an orgasm without any external stimulators, you can try Erotic Meditation.

I believe that Meditation is the proper term for such a practice. However, I would recommend starting from Erotic Hypnosis. Once you’re able to reach an orgasm through guided medication, it will be a lot easier to move on to self-guided meditation.

Since no one will be hypnotizing you, or guiding you through the meditation, reaching orgasm at first may seem difficult or even close to impossible.

The orgasmic meditation will require you to dive into your deepest fantasies and desires. When you’re in your mind, you’re free to imagine whatever you desire.

If you wonder how orgasmic meditation works, I can tell you that it’s very similar to regular meditation, only your mind needs to move towards erotic thoughts rather than relaxing ones.

Yet, you can start with the relaxing ones – that’s actually helpful.

However, if you have never meditated before, I would also recommend starting from several relaxing meditations and only then move on to sexual ones.

TIP: if you want your first erotic meditations to be more successful, consider withholding yourself from any sexual activity for several days.

Orgasmic Breathing

As weird as it sounds, but breathing as you would during sex and orgasm can actually lead to a hands-free orgasm.

While you can try doing it on your own, I would recommend searching the world wide web for instructions.

Currently, there are plenty of tantric sex specialists, and some are actually very good tantric sex specialists.

Final Words on Hands-Free Orgasm

Orgasm is one of the best feelings in the world. There are numerous ways to achieve it.

Since sex is very personal, some methods will work for you, some won’t. However, only by experimenting you can discover what your body responds to.

Reaching a hands-free orgasm with external stimulators is a lot easier than letting your mind do the job. It’s perfectly okay if you won’t be able to do that, or if you don’t have the patience for that.

Discover what you like, get to know your body, and the orgasms will come.

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