Does Ejaculation Make You Weaker?

does ejaculation make you weaker

‘Does ejaculation make you weaker? Does it? Boy, I hope it’s not true. Because if it is, I’ve been rendered weaker than an infant.” Is that the thought that crossed your mind when you first read the above question? Because in my case, this was it. Are you actually wondering if ejaculation actually makes you any weaker or not?

I know, I’m the one who writes these articles so I should be up to date about whether or not something holds true. I should have all the answers and shouldn’t be asking you stuff like this, I know. But you see, I write my articles after I’ve researched and found out about these topics I write on. And before I am done with my research, I give everything the benefit of the doubt. 

So obviously, there was a brief window of time when while I was looking at articles on the internet and talking to all sorts of people, at the back of my mind I was thinking…do I have to give up ejaculation now? There was also a brief amount of time when I considered giving up orgasms again. I did it once before but that was more of an experiment! You can read a bit about it here.

I was only challenging myself for a while there – and boy was my partner unhappy. Those days I knew not ejaculating was sort of making me more disciplined in a twisted kind of way. Yet I never even considered that ejaculation, on any regular day, was making me weak. 

This question was just recently put in my mind. So I sat down to think, if it’s true, what kind of weakness is this? Can it be removed? Is this even true? Well, that’s what this article will address! Because sex or not, men love shooting that fluid even when no one’s watching…and we don’t want to give it up!

Why Should You Read This Article?

You should read this article because it’ll act as a total myth buster. Sorry, if I even remotely scared you with that uncertain introduction. The truth is, ejaculation does not make a man any weaker. Now, I didn’t just jump to it – I had to reach this conclusion. After countless hours of taking many testimonials into consideration, I give ejaculation my stamp of approval.

You should read this article also because it’s going to address where these myths come from. In my case, it was just a saying being passed on. Small things like, ‘don’t ejaculate before an important game’ or ‘you’re tired because you masturbated today’ triggered these thoughts and doubts.

Why we shouldn’t believe in everything we hear will also be made evident in this article. 9 out of 10 times it’s a sheer word of mouth – completely unproven with no evidence! Imagine being horny or wanting to be with someone but you can’t because ejaculation, apparently, will make you weaker…such a bizarre concept. Finally, we’ll not just explain but bust all ejaculation and masturbation-related myths!

Is Ejaculation or Masturbation Harmful?

When I had taken the challenge of semen retention, I felt stronger not because I wasn’t ejaculating but because I was eating healthy, exercising, and putting all my sexual energy towards those squats- still the bane of my existence. Just because I couldn’t, or rather wouldn’t ejaculate doesn’t mean I didn’t have sex. 

Also, my mental strength came from pulling out right before I crossed the verge and learning how to calm myself down or control myself. All the other factors were adding up to make me more healthy and stronger. Not once did I think or even remotely feel like my sperm was one wonder fluid that kept me going…or transformed me into some sort of superhuman for those few months.

If anything, there are studies that actually show that ejaculation is healthy. I mean, there are so many posters and videos, and articles telling how women should masturbate more often. All these woke women are coming forward and talking about how masturbation has helped them open up and accept themselves…we don’t have much of that for men only because it’s taken for granted how much we like to stroke the branch.

Forgive that metaphor, but it’s true. Men love to masturbate but some myths here are out after us to take our happiness away. And that’s about it. People usually might not know this about us, but we’re really worried really fast. So when we hear masturbation or ejaculation is somehow making us weaker – we take it as a serious attack on our strength and take caution.

But my friend, calm down. There’s no harm in engaging with yourself or with someone else. Our bodies were biologically made to enjoy sex – ejaculation helps keep prostate cancer at bay. Go as long as 21 times a month. Yes, even that’s the number of times you could orgasm yet it wouldn’t harm you. Moreover, the dopamine that will be released in your body will do you good. 

Ejaculation And Masturbation: Myths Busted

Masturbation and/or ejaculation help keep the stress from our lives away…and we both know how good it feels. This isn’t me talking, it’s science. The oxytocin, which is released along with the happy hormone dopamine, helps keep your stress away. And of course, ejaculation satisfies a man – no questions there.

So, believe me on this. After worrying for weeks, I’m done with all kinds of stories about our vigor flowing out and away with our ‘seed’. It’s time we put those discussions to rest once and for all.

  • The number one myth that is circled around ejaculation is if we release sperm daily, we’ll be weak. Well, to that I say… you’ll probably be exhausted but then again, not likely. You see, I remember being a teenager. And I remember going three times on day one and going again the next day. There’s just so much to explore – so many new ways and new discoveries to make about one’s body – when you’re young.

The point is if you can find the energy to go at it every day…chances are releasing that sperm isn’t going to take the energy away. Yes, you’ll feel exhilarated, elated, or at times exhausted, but that’s because you’re not giving your body enough rest. Not because your life force and energy just flowed out of you. Give yourself more credit than that, will you? The only thing ejaculating daily will bring in your life is some good quality deep sleep at night.

  • The second myth is that your body will run out of sperms if you ejaculate regularly or frequently. Hah. This makes it sound like sperm was some kind of non renewable source of energy that the UN needs to protect. No, sir, it is not. It takes just about 74 days for the sperms to mature. And millions of sperms are produced in a male’s body. 

Time for a biology lesson, it’s not easy to get pregnant. I know two kids who are doing it at the back of a car with an expired condom hit the jackpot more often than they’d like – but that’s not the regular case. It’s extremely hard to get pregnant because firstly, the egg in the female body needs to be in position. Secondly, the sperm needs to swim at a particular speed so as to fuse this egg. 

So case in point is, our bodies know how hard it is to achieve our biological destinies to procreate. So they produce sperms in abundance! You could throw these unborn babies away like they didn’t matter at all – I mean, that’s what you do when you throw away a used condom – and the male body still wouldn’t run out of sperm.

  • With age, it’s advisable to be less sexually active to conserve body’s energy – this is what they say. Ageist, that’s what they are. To set things clear, your sexual stamina is not the same as the regular stamina of your body. You could run a marathon today and wouldn’t last in bed for more than three minutes next week. That’s just how the human body works, my friend.

With age, all the other factors – your lifestyle, your habits, your heart – everything comes together to affect your energy and mood levels. Take my advice, leave the myths behind with that bad habit of smoking cigarettes. Get excited when you see your partner, have fun engaging in some sweet lovemaking with her and forget about ejaculation making you weaker.

How Often Should We Ejaculate, Then?

Whenever you want to – this is the only answer to that question. Your libido, the sexual drive that is, is based on both physical and mental factors. Don’t stop yourself, ever, from having fun. Ejaculation is a natural process designed to happen as frequently as the body and the mind wants.

Ejaculation does not make you any weaker – not even before your big game. If anything, not ejaculating can leave you irritated. When they say “conserve your energy” before any physical competition or something like that, they mean well…but if you ever feel the need to relieve yourself through ejaculation, do it. It’ll not only help you focus more but the hormones released in your body after ejaculation will curb all your stress away!

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