Dick Cheese: Do’s and Don’ts

Dick cheese smegma

If you are here, most likely you found some white stuff around your penis and now wonder what the hell is that dick cheese?

Keep calm – most likely there is nothing to worry about. The only thing that needs to be fixed is your hygiene habits.

So, What is Dick Cheese?

Well, let’s start from the basics. The scientific term for your newly discovered stuff around your penis is smegma.

Smegma is a combination of skin oils, dead skin cells and moisture. It tends to build up underneath the foreskin. However, Smegma is not a guys-only condition. Females can experience it as well.

While this dick cheese itself is completely harmless and doesn’t require any special treatment, building it up can result in serious problems. We’ll cover them later in the article.

The dick cheese problem is more common in uncircumcised men, however the circumcised ones can experience it as well. Even if you lost the turtleneck, there is a chance that you still have a bit of the skin left.

What Causes Dick Cheese?

The main reason that causes dick cheese or smegma is having poor hygiene habits.

Many teenagers / young adults don’t form good hygiene habits and that can cause smegma as well as other harmless yet repulsive conditions, such as bad breath, sweat smell and so on.

As you can see, not washing yourself properly on a daily basis is the main (and only) reason why you get dick cheese / smegma to form around your penis.

How to Prevent Smegma?

As you’ve probably already understood, the best way to prevent smegma is proper hygiene.

By that I mean that ,your private parts require separate washing during each shower. Especially if you are uncircumcised.

As I mentioned before, smegma is more common in guys who still have their foreskin attached as the dick cheese forms under it.

So, in order to prevent the penis cheese from forming, you need to start forming proper hygiene habits.

How to Get Rid of Smegma?

Well, if you didn’t have time for prevention and now have to deal with the dick cheese, worry not.

In order to get rid of smegma all you need to do is take a clean cloth or a several sheets of clean toilet paper and gently wipe it away.

Then give yourself a warm bath or shower. This time be sure to use soap and give special attention to your private parts.

That’s it.

However, keep in mind that you need to keep proper hygiene habits in order to prevent smegma.

Smegma Build Up Issues

If you don’t deal with smegma from the very beginning and let the dick cheese to continuously form around your penis – you might face some serious problems.

While the penis cheese itself is harmless, left untreated it can cause serious harm.

Since the underneath of your foreskin is a moist and warm area, it’s the perfect place for nasty bacteria to grow.

Especially if you allow a smegma built up. This just gives the bacteria a more friendly environment to grow.

Such bacteria can cause various skin swellings and irritation, including balanitis. Balanitis can cause your penis swelling which results in the forehead skin not being able to retract. Not retracting your penis skin and washing your penis properly can cause even more problems.

Another, less serious yet very uncomfortable issue that comes with not dealing with your dick cheese is the smell.

Just like your armpits start smelling if you don’t wash them enough, your penis will as well. That’s not something you want, right?

As you can see, such issues will make your daily life uncomfortable and it could interfere with your sex life as well.


Overall, smegma, also known as dick cheese is a quite common issue that can happen to anyone.

The condition is not dangerous, yet you should address it straight away.

The best way to get rid of smegma is properly washing your private parts with hypoallergenic soap and warm water on a daily basis.

Not forming proper hygiene habits and not treating smegma right away could lead to nasty bacteria growing around your private parts that could actually lead to serious health issues.

Dick Cheese FAQ

Below you will find the answers to most common questions about smegma aka dick cheese.

Is dick cheese a common issue?

Yes, dick cheese is a common issue that can happen to anyone who doesn’t wash their private parts properly.

If you happen to notice smegma on your penis, simply wipe it off with a clean cloth and give your private parts a proper bath.

What does smegma look like?

Smegma is called dick cheese for a reason. As you probably have guessed already – it does look like cheese.

Cottage cheese to be more precise. So, if you see white stuff that looks like cottage cheese formed around your penis, most likely you’re dealing with smegma.

What does smegma smell like?

At first, smegma doesn’t have an intense smell, so you won;t be able to separate it from your regular penis scent.

However, if you don’t start working on your hygiene and continue growing the dick cheese it could start smelling like rotten eggs.

However, smell is not the worst part. Not washing your private parts properly can result in some nasty bacteria growing on it, which could cause diseases like balanitis.

Such health conditions can cause irritation and swelling which can interfere with your everyday life and sex life.

How to clean uncircumcised penis?

In order to properly clean an uncircumcised penis you will need warm water and some mild soap.

Uncircumcised penis can be washed during your shower time just like a circumcised one.

Even though the one with the turtle neck requires more attention, it’s still easy and you can form a habit over a short period of time.

To properly wash your penis simply pull back the foreskin and use mild soap to wash your private parts. Make sure you wash everywhere and keep your privates clean.

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