Curved Penis: Normal vs. Abnormal Curvature

curved penis

Men are quite conscious about their penis and why shouldn’t they be? Most people think that penises should be straight and a curved penis is abnormal. But, it is not true as different people have different penis shapes. 

What’s important is that you need to understand that some women love to have a curved penis inside them. Why? Well, because a curved penis can stimulate their G-spot better and take them to newer heights of pleasure. So, you don’t need to have insecurities because you have some curvature of the penis. 

Now, if you have a more curved penis, should you panic? Look, in that case, you should not freak out. Instead, take rational steps because a curved penis can mean an underlying condition. If you have discomfort during sex, it could happen because you may have Peyronie’s disease.

If you don’t have any trouble during sex, then you might have congenital penile curvature which is a rare case. Now, there are ways one can get rid of this condition. And, in this article, we will talk about everything that you need to know about this problem.

Look, if you have a curved penis, it could be because you have Peyronie’s disease or congenital penile curvature. So, it will be better if you go to a doctor for a check-up to figure out the reasons for your curved penis. Now, what are the symptoms, causes, and treatments for this problem? In this article, let’s discuss everything. 

Congenital Penile Curvature: What Is It?

First, you need to understand that congenital penile curvature is a medical issue and you need to treat it like that. Otherwise, it can have serious implications for your relationships as it can affect your sex life. Also, you can be mentally shattered if the shape of your penis matters a lot to you. 

So, when you have congenital penile curvature, it means you are born with this condition. But, you need to understand as well that the condition of congenital penile curvature is very rare. Not even 1% of men face congenital penile curvature issues.

With this condition, you will see a curve in your penis during erection. Patients with congenital penile curvature will feel this as normal because they will see their penis like that throughout their life before they get a reality check. 

Once you see that your penis has a curve and you think it is not normal because, for you, a normal penis is the straighter one, then you need to contact a doctor. Your doctor will help you to find the right treatment (if it is necessary)which will make your penis look much straighter than before. 

How Congenital Penile Curvature is Different from Peyronie’s Disease?

Now, many people with congenital penile curvature think that they have Peyronie’s disease. But, that is wrong because even though both of them are medical conditions, they are different. Peyronie’s disease is a condition where you will find scar tissues forming inside the penis. 

These tissues are the reason why there is a curve in the penis. Look, you need to understand that many people suffer from Peyronie’s disease which ruins their relationship and emotional life. They lose confidence in having sex because of the pain. 

Now, most people having a curved penis will think that they have Peyronie’s disease. But, they can also have congenital penile curvature which happens without any tissues forming inside your penis. And, you need to understand that congenital penile curvature is very rare. 

So, before you start panicking about your curved penis, it is better that you talk to a doctor who will surely help you to get rid of the condition with proper treatment. However, you need to clear your mind about one thing and that is congenital penile curvature and Peyronie’s disease is not the same medical condition. 

What are the Symptoms of Congenital Penile Curvature?

Those who suffer from congenital penile curvature condition will see their penis with a curved shape from their childhood. So, for them, their penis will be normal until they understand the reality. Usually, that happens during their early adulthood or puberty. 

When they suddenly become aware that most people have a straight penis, people with a curved penis will think that their penis shape is abnormal and thus, they would feel frustrated and unhappy. Apart from that, the first thing that will come to their mind is Peyronie’s disease

Many men also struggle to confront this situation by asking their doctors about their curved penis which is the wrong thing to do. If the size and shape of your penis matter to you, then you should ask your doctor about it. There is no bravery in hiding it.

Also, the curve in your penis could be due to Peyronie’s disease which might ruin your sex life. So, if you see a curve in your penis, you should consult with your doctor to figure out whether it is Peyronie’s disease or you have congenital penile curvature. 

What Causes Penile Curvature?

As you can figure out by the name, congenital penile curvature can happen due to a curve in the penis from birth. So, for such children, the curve in their penis will seem normal until they reach puberty and understand everything. After that, they will start to think that their penis is abnormal.

However, not everyone gets this condition from birth. Here are some cases in which one can also have a curved penis:

  • Accident or Injury: If you have some sort of injury to your penis due to an accident, you are likely to damage the shape of your penis and hence you can develop a curved shape of your penis. 
  • Physical Trauma: If you have any physical trauma or wound in your penis, it can make your penis look curved and you might think that you have Peyronie’s disease. You should check with a doctor to confirm whether you have Peyronie’s disease or not in that case. 
  • Excessive Sexual Activity: If someone is overactive in his sexual deeds, this could lead to penis curvature. That is why you should not overdo your sexual activities. 

What are the Impacts of Penile Curvature?

emotionl stress

Look, penile curvature can have a greater impact on someone’s life than you can even think of irrespective of whether it is Peyronie’s disease or congenital penile curvature. It creates adverse effects both physically and mentally. So, here are some negative impacts that penile curvature can have on you:

  • Emotional Stress: The first thing a man would experience when he realizes that he has a curved penis is emotional stress. It can lead a man into anxiety and depression which are horrible things to experience. Such a psychological state can ruin someone’s life forever. 
  • ED or Erectile Dysfunction: One of the dreadful things that can happen due to penile curvature is erectile dysfunction. But, you can counter that by going to a doctor as soon as you realize that you have a curved penis. ED will ruin your sex life if you don’t act quickly. 
  • Penile Deformity: Without a doubt, penile deformity is one of the horrible things that you can experience due to penile curvature. It will narrow down the length of your penis which will create an adverse impact when you have penetrative sex. 

How Congenital Penile Curvature Is Diagnosed?

Whether you have congenital penile curvature or Peyronie’s disease can only be understood after a thorough medical examination. For that, you need to consult a doctor. Your doctor will check your sexual and medical history to figure out whether you have congenital penile curvature or Peyronie’s disease. 

Also, in some cases, your doctor may need to examine your penis when it has an erection. For that, the doctor will give you an injection of vasoactive drug which will create that erection for your doctor to examine your erect penis. After the diagnosis, your treatment for a curved penis will begin. 

What is the Best Treatment for Congenital Penile Curvature?

penis extender

Your doctor may give you medications or even prompt you to have surgery. But, many doctors might also suggesttrying to use a penis extender before turning to surgery. These are one of the best tools that you can use to improve your penis shape and increase its size. Look, if you have penile curvature, whether it is congenital or Peyronie’s disease, with the help of penis extenders, you could find relief. 

Apart from that, there are penis exercises that you can do to improve the size of your penis. For example, jelqing exercises can work fantastically along with traction devices. These are natural ways of improving the shape and size of your penis which can help you tremendously in finding a solution for your curved penis. So, you should try them. 

Final Words

Finally, if you have congenital penile curvature or Peyronie’s disease, you should consult your doctor. You don’t want to ruin your sex life due to the shape of your penis. Thus, find a solution to this problem of a curved penis after consulting your doctor. You can make your curved penis straight only if you do the right things as per the suggestions of your doctor. If you wish to know more about penile curvature, check out this FAQ and find answers to common questions.

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