Cody Cummings Fleshjack

Cody Cummings Fleshjack

Cody’s athletic body and insane performance led him to become a super star in the porn industry. Naturally, it landed him a contract with Fleshjack and now you can enjoy a Cody Cummings Fleshjack series.

The Cody Cummings Fleshjack features a sleeve called Untouched and a dildo that looks exactly like the porn star’s penis.

Let’s review how they feel in action.

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How Cody Cummings Fleshjack Feels?

I like to try everything myself so I purchased both Cody Cummings items. Let’s see how they’re in action.

Cody Cummings Untouched Fleshjack

The Cody Cummings Fleshjack sleeve is called Untouched. The sleeve has one texture that goes throughout it’s whole length.

Cody Cummings Untouched Fleshjack

As you can see from the image, the texture doesn’t change. So, your penis length doesn’t matter. Your penis can be 2 inches long or it ca be 9 inches long – the experience will be similar and depend mostly on width.

The texture feels a bit like a roller coaster as the sleeve tightens and widens every half an inch.

It’s not an insanely intense sleeve. I would rank it slightly above medium intensity, since it’s tight but doesn’t have anything super bumpy on the road.

Cody Cummings Fleshjack Dildo

Cody Cummings Fleshjack Dildo

The second item I will be reviewing is Cody’s dildo. If you enjoy larger dildo’s, I believe you will find Cody to be pretty appealing.

As you can say just by looking, Cody doesn’t have a very curved penis, so finding the p-spot may require you to try an angle or two. However, the head of his penis is big enough to do the job.

Another good thing about Cody’s dick is that he’s pretty wide, so he will satisfy any expert’s needs.

However, don’t forget to warm up before you take the Cody challenge. It’s a huge one.

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Cody Cummings Fleshjack Benefits

Fleshjacks are the luxury items of the whole sex toys world. The great thing about them is that they can offer you a lot more than just pleasure. Here are some of the main Fleshjack benefits:

Safe Sex

Currently there’s around 40 million people around the world infected with HIV. However, there’s even more of them, who don’t even know about that.

By owning a simple Fleshajck, you will be able to blow off steam on a regular basis. So, you won’t constantly be horny and this way get yourself involved in less random hookups.

Take care of your health and let Fleshjack take care of your private parts.

Fantasy Element

Each and everyone of use dreams about having sex with our favorite porn stars. However for most of us, it will remain a fantasy.

Yet, owning a Fleshjack that is made to look exactly like the porn star’s private parts, makes the whole experience a lot more realistic and exciting.

Quality Materials

Each and every Fleshjack item is made from quality hypoallergenic materials. This means that they won’t cause any irritations or unexpected skin allergies.

Fleshjack dildos are made from medical grade silicone. This type of silicone is used for various prosthetic devices such as hip replacements. So, they’re completely safe.

Same goes for the sleeves. They are made from SuperSkin materials that is 100% hypoallergenic

Real Feel

Not only are the sex toys hypoallergenic, they’re also super realistic. The SuperSkin material used for the sleeves feels as close to human flesh as you can possibly get. Especially when warmed up.

Same goes for the dildos as well. The silicone used for their production has the nearly perfect firmness. Also, since they’re based on real human, Fleshjack worked extra hard to capture every curve and crave.

Discreet Billing + Shipping

Fleshjack values your privacy. That’s why they offer discreet billing and packaging with each order.

This means that there will be no mention of Fleshjack in your credit card report.

Also, there will be no mention or logo of Fleshjack on the packaging as well. So, no one will be able to tell what you ordered.

You can order directly from Fleshjack by clicking the link below.

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Cody Cummings Fleshjack Alternatives

Cody Cummings Fleshjack items are exciting, however, they’re not for everyone. Since sex toys are very personal, let me suggest you several alternatives.

In terms of the dildo:

bigger one – Milan Christopher,

super curved – Johnny Rapid

smaller one – Jake Bass

In terms of the sleeve:

more intense: Diego Sans

similar intensity: Johnny Rapid

Cody Cummings Fleshjack Reviews

You already know what my Cody Cummings Fleshjack experience was like. Time to check out what other guys are talking about him.

When you know more opinions, it makes it a lot easier to decide whether the item is what you’re looking for. So, here’s what the guys are talking about him.

This toy is awesome! I was surprised how real it looks. It did a great job I can tell you that.

– Vlad G.

I really like it. Glad to have bought it. Will really give me and my partner some playtime.

– John W.
Cody Cummings

The girth is just amazing, you’ll have to stop and collect yourself when starting with it. Definitely lived up to the name.

– Michael D.

This Fleshjack feels amazing and is my favorite. I must admit that I have a decent collection of 5-6 items and in saying this is my favorite means that exactly. Definitely a must have 😉

– Jonathan R.

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Fleshlight Care Tips

Fleshjacks are the luxury items of the sex toy market. However, they’re not high-maintenance.

There are only a couple of things that you need to remember about their care.

The first one is hygiene. You need to clean them after each use. Otherwise they’ll get infected by various nasty bacteria, that I’m sure you don’t want on your private parts.

To properly wash the dildo, warm water and simple hypoallergenic soap is enough. The sleeve on the other hand required a bit more attention. Here is a detailed guide to properly cleaning it.

The second thing is lube. Using lube helps to reduce the friction to nearly zero. Which means that you won’t rip the sleeve or irritate your penis skin.

Same goes for the dildo, don’t even think about putting it in dry. Nothing good will come out of it and you will only hurt yourself.

If you take proper care of the sex toys, they will take care of you as well.

What’s In The Package?

Here is a full list of items that will arrive along with your Cody Cummings Fleshjack sleeve / dildo:

  • Fleshjack Boys case (blue)
  • Cody Cummings signature Untouched sleeve
  • Instructions for use and care


  • Cody Cummings 7.5″ Dildo that’s an exact match for his penis
  • Instructions for use and care

As I mentioned before, if you order directly from the manufacturer, your order will be handled discreetly. This means no mentions of Fleshjack on your credit card report and the packaging in which your sex toys will arrive.

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Additional Items

Fleshjacks are great on their own. However, there are several ways that can upgrade your experience. Also, there are some items for proper Fleshjack care:

To upgrade Fleshjack sleeve:

Fleshwash and Powder are a few essentials that ensure the longevity of your Fleshjack sleeves.

Fleshlube will help you reduce the friction and make your experience smooth.

You can get the shower mount to enjoy hands-free orgasms in the shower.

To warm up the Fleshjack sleeve the most convenient way, use the sleeve warmer.

However, if you want the ultimate Fleshjack upgrade and get your penis stroked up to 180 times per minute, take a look at Launch automatic male masturbator.

Fleshlight Launch

To upgrade Fleshjack dildo:

Fleshlube – this is more of an essential thing then an upgrade item. Lube helps reduce the friction to a minimum and make your sexual experience super smooth.

If you’re looking for hands-free p-spot orgasms, you can get the dildo suction cup and enjoy your prostate being stimulated with very little effort.

Overall Verdict

Overall, the Cody Cummings Fleshjack series are pretty exciting.

In terms of the sleeve, it has a continuous texture, so will suit any penis size. It’s not very intense, so he’s beginner friendly.

The dildo, on the other, is pretty big, so don’t try to take him without a proper warm up.

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