Big Dick Problems

big dick problems

    While most of us dream about having a bigger penis, there are guys that don’t. Even though a huge penis looks spectacular in porn, there quite a few big dick problems out there.

    Here I made a list of actual big dick problems that guys with huge cocks run into in their everyday life. Maybe this will help some of you to stop wishing for something that you might not have. And for those who actually were blessed with a huge cock – ways to make your life easier.

    What Actually Is Too Big For a Penis?

    The average penis size is around 4.5 – 6.5 inches long when erect. However, it can be more than twice as long. Currently, the biggest known erect penis belongs to Jonah Falcon and the length itself is 13.5 inches.

    I’m pretty sure that it’s a lot more than any man dreams of. Also, it’s worth knowing that a penis that measures over 8 inches when erect can be found only with 2% of the entire male population.

    Even though there is no precise answer to the question of what makes a penis too big, one thing I can tell you – if the size of your penis disturbs your daily activities, such as riding a bike – there’s a chance that you have a huge cock and big dick problems.

    Frequent Big Dick Problems And How To Deal With Them

    Here are the most common big dick problems men encounter. As you will understand from reading them – not always bigger is better.

    #1 Condoms are Too Small

    Even though you can impress your partner with a big penis, it’s hard to find a condom for it.

    Popular brands like Durex go up to 8.5 inches, so if you measure bigger – there’s a chance that you’re in trouble.

    While there are condoms that measure up to 10 inches, most of them need to be specially ordered.

    Solution: if what you can buy in a store is not enough for your penis, consider other contraceptive measures or buy in bult, so that you’re ready 24/7.

    #2 Painful Sex

    Having an ultra-large penis can cause painful sexual experiences. Also, there’s a chance that you can hurt your partner.

    That’s not all this big dick problem causes. Painful sex can lead to no sex at all. This can seriously hurt a man’s confidence and result in low self-esteem as well as the difficulty to form relationships.

    Solution: lube and tons of it. Also, do everything super slowly. Another very important this is communication. Talk to your partner, this way you will discover the best poses that are good for you both.

    #3 It Doesn’t Fit!

    Well, such problem like painful sex exists. However, there’s a chance that your penis could be too big to even fit.

    Especially when it comes to anal. Vaginas are more flexible, however, some asses are simply too tight.

    Solution: Go slow and use as much lube as you can. However, there is a chance that it still won’t work.

    #4 Complicated Sports

    If you have a very huge penis, there is a chance that you will have problems similar to those that girls with huge breasts have.

    Huge breasts can make certain sports super uncomfortable. So can a big penis as well. Riding a bike can become pretty difficult when you don’t have a proper place to put your hose.

    Solution: even though sports is a part of big dick problems, such simple things as comfortable spandex underwear can hold your private parts in place while you get your exercise. Tip: wear some loose shorts on the spandex to avoid unnecessary attention to your package,

    #5 Oral With Teeth Marks

    Ouch. This one sounds painful. Big penises come with big girth. Not everyone has a wide enough mouth to accommodate them.

    That’s why there’s a great chance that oral sex can leave teeth marks on the penis as well as haunting memories. So, think before you do.

    Solution: the only solution to this is either not having oral sex, finding a partner with a wide mouth or using a sex toy that is designed to resemble oral sex. Fleshlight can help you with that.

    #6 Double Masturbation

    While most men can switch between their left and right hands, a guy with a huge penis will most likely need both of them for masturbation.

    Even though it’s possible to do that with one hand – two make it more pleasurable.

    Solution: work out regularly to build muscle strength so that you could please yourself without interruptions.

    #7 Summer Season

    Summer season is one of big dick problems guys run into in public. Swimwear isn’t the most covering outfit there. And there’s another problem: tight swimwear is super revealing while if you’re wearing a lose one, your penis can fall out.

    Solution: double trouble. You can wear tight swimwear to hold your private parts and wear loose shorts for coverage. Or you can simply enjoy the looks that you’ll be getting.

    #8 Bathroom Troubles

    Men with big penises run into bathroom troubles. Well, those aren’t exactly troubles, they’re more like inconveniences.

    If a man has a huge penis, he has to be very aware of what’s happening in the bathroom, otherwise, his penis could touch the toilet water or the side of a urinal.

    Such touches can be harmful, especially when it comes to public restrooms. One could catch an infection.

    Solution: be super aware of your penis in bathrooms. Especially in public ones.

    #9 Naked Accidents

    Being naked can cause big dick problems. There’s a chance that you might sit down on your penis, roll on it while sleeping.

    However, in some cases, there’s a chance that you can sit on your privates even in public. Especially if you wear loose clothes and loose underwear.

    Solution: properly fitting undies is a must in order to avoid such accidents.

    #10 No One Relates To You

    The sad part about big dick problems is not only the problems themselves but also the fact taht there is no one to talk to about them.

    Okay, not no one, but very few people can relate to you and most men imagine that a bigger penis is only a bonus and not a burdain.

    Solution: consider joining discussion forums online, talk to your significant other, or even a therapist. The important thing is to learn to live with a huge penis, accept it, and make the most of it.

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