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Male Sex Toys Reviews

This article lists the best web male sex toys available in the market as well as will guide you on things to focus on when choosing one. 

Every person is unique and some enjoy additional sexual stimulation. Some great minds sat together and discovered sex toys. Obviously, the toys became very in demand and that led to fast market expansion.

Sex toys come in various shapes and sizes, as well as have different purposes. So, the good thing is – that there is quite a lot to choose from.

So much to choose from that it might be hard to decide. There are hundreds if not thousands of sex toys options and they all will promise you the same thing – a mind-blowing orgasm.

However, the truth is – there isn’t one sex toy that universally fits all men. Each person is different and has different needs and enjoys different stimulation.

So how do you choose the best male sex toys?

There are several important universal sex toy features to look into that can help determine how pleasurable the experience will be for you.

A good sex toy should be easy to use, made from quality hypoallergenic materials, durable, easy to clean as well as maintain.

To find the best male sex toys, I have evaluated the performance, pricing, user-friendliness, maintenance, and features of nearly 100 various sex toys, designed for different stimulation points, from penis stimulation to stimulate the p-spot. Here is a list of my personal favorite male sex toys.

Best Male Sex Toys

The following sex toys really excel in all (or the majority) of these categories. These are the best male sex toys:

#1 Onyx+ – Best Blowjob Experience

Kiiro Onyx Plus

Onyx+ is a smart blowjob machine that offers horny guys around the world a hands-free BJ experience. With many years of experience that Kiiroo has, Onyx+ gives the most realistic fellatio experience.

This smart blowjob machine has over a hundred gripping points, which means your penis will be securely fastened and stimulated from nearly all available angles. So, an intense blowjob experience is pretty much guaranteed.

Onyx+ is Smart and Beginner Friendly

Even though it is powered by advanced technology, Kiiroo Onyx+ is beginner-friendly and fully customizable.

This smart blowjob machine comes with pre-programmed penis sucking experiences with multiple different speeds.

This means you can adjust the strength and intensity of the sucking experience, based on your preferences. So, you have full control over it.

#2 LELO Hugo – Best For Intense Prostate Orgasms

LELO Hugo Prostate Massager

For many years, LELO is one of the industry’s leaders and is known for its outstanding quality products. So, there is no surprise that the best prostate massager for 2021 comes from this manufacturer.

LELO Hugo is a luxurious and discreet p-spot stimulator that can offer you some of the most intense prostate orgasms. Measuring 4 inches in girth and 5.5 inches in length, this prostate massager is suitable for beginners and big enough to entertain the pros.

LELO Hugo Prostate Massager for a Wireless Experience

This prostate massager possesses a motion-sensing technology for a hands-free experience.

LELO Hugo has a remote control, which means that you can use it in nearly any position, with the possibility to adjust your experiences remotely without the need to bend or turn in a specific angle in order to reach the device.

The device is also completely waterproof, so you can take it with you to the shower. LELO Hugo is fully rechargeable, so there is no need to buy any additional batteries.

Hugo Fits All Sizes

The manufacturers of Hugo made a smart decision to make it medium-sized. Which means this prostate massager can fit nearly any butt hole. So, even if you’re a beginner, the device won’t be too big for you to enjoy. Even if you are a pro, this prostate massager is big enough to entertain you.

With 6 already programmed experiences, LELO Hugo will satisfy nearly any man’s needs and has the potential to increase the male climax by an impressive 33%.

#3 LELO Tor 2 Cock Ring – Best For Prolonged Erection

Best Cock Rings LELO Tor 2

Smooth, comfortable to wear, and visually bigger penis are some of the features that make LELO Tor 2 the best cock ring for this year.

Luxurious and discreet LELO Tor 2 will allow you to enjoy longer erections on demand. This penis ring has two main components that can be used separately or together for a more intense experience.

LELO Tor 2 Fully Customizable Penis Ring

Made from high-quality hypoallergenic silicone, the penis ring is not only smooth against the skin and comfortable to wear but also comes with 6 different vibration levels.

A comfortable interface, located on the side of the penis ring makes it easy to use and adjust for beginners as well as experts. So, you can adjust the vibration intensity at any point of your intercourse.

Long Lasting Experience

Not only does this cock ring give you a prolonged experience, but the penis ring is also very long-lasting. It’s actually one of the most long-lasting cock rings available in the market.

A fully charged LELO Tor 2 battery can hold for about 4 hours, so you can have many rounds of sex before you actually need to give it a rest. Also, as the ring is USB rechargeable, there is no need to get any batteries.

So, if you’re looking for a luxurious penis ring that feels nice against the skin and can stimulate your penis with various vibration levels – Tor 2 should be on top of your list.

#4 Fleshlight Stamina Training

Best sex toys for men, Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Brought to you by Fleshlight – one of the male sex toys industry’s leaders, Stamina Training pocket pussy will give you not only mind-blowing orgasms but also increase your stamina.

Stamina training is very popular around the world and gives men who suffer from premature ejaculation the chance to train their stamina and last longer in bed.

Most Intense Experience

Full of bumps and ridges, Fleshlight Stamina Training can give you some of the most mind-blowing orgasms you have ever experienced.

Even though it’s very intense and at first you may cum quickly, with regular usage you can actually improve your stamina which will lead to prolonged sexual intercourse with your partner.

Boost Your Confidence in Bed

This pocket pussy is designed especially for guys who get excited in bed too quickly. As you know, premature ejaculation often leads to very short intercourse where your partner can be left unsatisfied.

Not only that, due to premature ejaculation guys often become self-conscious and even tend to avoid real intercourse. That’s why Fleshlight created this luxurious device that is fully customizable.

To use it for training, you can fully customize the suction level and intensity. So, this way you can work yourself up to very intense experiences and still withhold the cum.

Also, Fleshlight gives you a free e-guide full of tips that will help you with proper stamina training.

In the end, you will benefit from better sexual performance and a great boost in morale.

#5 Fleshlight Launch

universal launch

If you wish to take a step further with your sexual experiences and are ready for some virtual reality experience – choose Launch.

Intense 250 Strokes Per Minute

This fully automatic male masturbator will fully stroke your penis at the speed of 250 strokes per minute. Imagine any real person doing that. So, you can be sure that this small yet powerful device will give you some intense experiences.

Various Connections for Multiple Sex Toys

Fleshlight Launch has the edge over its competition as it supports various types of connectivity.

This male masturbator is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity. So, you can use it with nearly any other sex toy.

Also, it comes with another great benefit. This male sex toy is compatible. That means you will have a wide variety of sex videos to enhance your experience.

How to Choose the Best Male Sex Toys?

Before you actually purchase a male sex toy, you need to know your needs. This way you will purchase a sex toy that actually does what you want it to do.

You can follow our 5 step guide which will show you how to choose the best male sex toys that match your needs:

  • Step 1 – Decide on your needs
  • Step 2 – Determine your budget
  • Step 3 – Search for quality materials
  • Step 4 – Look for easy care and maintenance
  • Step 5 – Choose additional features

Decide On Your Needs

First, you should decide on what you expect from your sex toy. As there are various sex toys, each of them is designed for a different kind of stimulation. Here are some of the main questions you should ask yourself when choosing the type of product that you want:

  • What kind of stimulation do I want? As mentioned before, male sex toys can stimulate you differently. So, you need to decide whether you want it to stimulate your penis or your prostate. Whether you prefer external or internal stimulation. Would you like your sex toy to simulate vagina-like, oral or anal experiences, and similar?
  • Will I use it alone or with my partner? Even though most toys that are designed for solo usage can be used with a partner, some of them have additional features. Those features can enhance your partner’s sexual experience as well. For example, a cock ring can come with a clitoris stimulator for your lady friend.

Determine Your Budget

Once you identify your needs, it’s important to set the budget. Many sex toys that have a lot of features, are long-lasting come with a price tag.

However, from my personal experience, I can tell you that it is better to buy one or two more expensive sex toys than many low-quality ones.

That is because cheap sex toys breakfast, are often difficult to clean and come with no warranties. So, choose to get less but better ones.

Choose Quality Materials

Choosing quality materials ensures a smooth feeling against the skin for maximum pleasure. Also, they reduce the risks of any potential allergies.

In today’s market, reputable providers offer only top quality hypoallergenic materials that are skin-safe, durable, and easy to clean.

That is why you should always choose quality materials in order to protect yourself as a buyer. As I mentioned before, own fewer sex toys but own the good ones. They will bring you pleasure for many years.

Easy Care and Maintenance

As you know, you need to wash all your sex toys after each use.

There is nothing more frustrating than a sex toy that is difficult to clean. In many cases, it can get so frustrating that your toy will simply end up in the closet.

If you don’t wash your sex toys, they will collect a lot of dirt, sweat, cum, and other stuff that you definitely won’t want to put on your penis or inside yourself again.

Good thing is, quality sex toys are usually very easy to clean and are low maintenance. Which means that simple lukewarm water and soap is enough.

Additional Features

Another important factor when choosing your best sex toys is their additional features.

You need to think about whether you would like to use it in the shower. If yes, get a sex toy that is waterproof.

Also, if you’re looking for a sex toy that is compatible with other ones, you need to check what kind of connections it supports.

The same rule goes to various similar questions, such as whether you want extra pleasure for a partner, or control it remotely and similar ones.

The Best Male Sex Toys – The Verdict

A good sex toy is the one that will give you a pleasurable experience and won’t require a lot of effort to maintain. Made from top quality materials, all of our best male sex toys are capable of that and more.

So depending on what you need, these top 5 best male sex toys designed for a great experience: 

  • Onyx+ – is known for giving the best realistic blowjob experience, as it is backed by thousands of hours of research.
  • LELO Hugo – is aimed to give the best prostate stimulation from users that range from beginners to pros.
  • LELO Tor 2 – is known as the best cock ring for prolonged erection with different vibration levels and a visually larger penis.
  • Fleshlight Stamina Training – best pocket pussy for men who suffer from premature ejaculation and want to last longer in bed.
  • Fleshlight Launch – best blowjob machine for those who enjoy an interactive VR experience along with using other sex toys.

So, what do you think? What are your best male sex toys? Share in comments!

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