We Were Built For Pleasure: Anal Orgasm Really Is As Intense As They Are Said To Be

anal orgasm

Are you one of those people who think anal sex is dangerous or that an anal orgasm is impossible? When I tried anal sex for the first time – it was more like prostrate stimulation for me – I wasn’t really scared but mostly curious as to what would happen. I didn’t really think I could orgasm with anal sex. At that time, I was used to ejaculation only. Other than vaginal sexual intercourse, I thought that oral from someone else was as good as it can get… So, obviously, I didn’t have many expectations for myself when the girl I was seeing suggested pegging.

I would honestly have never tried anal sex in my life if it wasn’t for this girl. Before I got all hot and bothered, I sat down to do my research. It’s a thing with me, I always run to Google whenever I need to know (read, get obsessed) over something. And Google gave me mixed answers about if orgasms through anal sex were really as intense as some claim them to be. 

I didn’t know what to believe but what I did know though, was that my anal cavity was extremely sensitive. I realized that I needed to take some extra caution if I was to open myself up that way. (There’s another article here about anal sex for beginners. Go check that one out if you want to know how much preparation you need to go into it.) Just quite recently I was having a discussion about anal sex and that prompted me to write this article. Read on to find out if we’re actually built for anal sex and how to get the most pleasure out of it!

Let’s Get Ourselves Up And Running On The Basic Anatomy First

Before you consider slathering lube on that dildo and performing the lotus pose on it, read up on anal sex. That’s because it’s something off of a different league altogether. I mean, it’s not rocket science. However, you know that your ass was built to push things out of it, not take things in. Knowing about the basic anatomy will give you an idea of how our insides are but the question remains, were we built for anal sex?

Men and Women have almost the same anatomy when it comes to the anus. Quora provides several juicy answers to this already. However, despite people talking about how the anus is similar in anatomy for both males and females, we have to agree that there are some slight differences. To suffice, some of them are.

Anal Anatomy: Male vs. Female

  • Women’s anus is closer to the uterus causing them to be susceptible to both intense orgasms and several urinary infections (sucks for them, I know). So you see, women are somewhat built to have an intense orgasm even when they’re being penetrated through the anus (now it sucks a little less for them, yay).
  • Women don’t have the prostate that men have, but have their own version of the prostate glands. They’re called the Skene glands. The prostate in men helps them make semen and the skene in women adds to the white viscous liquid (go ahead and call in cum) that comes out to act as both lubrication and a signal that a peak in sexual stimulation has been reached. So during anal, because these glands will be stimulated, women can also relax and produce cum to have earth shattering orgasms.
  • Women, apparently, have more nerve endings than men in their anal cavity. Nerve endings or not, anal is extremely natural to both men and women and yes, they are built for it.

Take our not so sexually privileged (no dildos, no vibratos, and most definitely, not even lube) ancestors, for example. How much time did you think it took for them to realize anal was pleasurable and also didn’t result in pregnancy? 

They could have accidentally stumbled upon it once, tried it deliberately twice. However, by the third time they knew anal was both super orgasmic and also safe from unwanted pregnancies. The STIs on the other hand had to wait for condoms to stop spreading like wildfire. The mighty ancestors wouldn’t have continued it if men and women weren’t built for anal sex.

Tips And Poses: How Do I Make The Most Of Anal Sex?

I had a friend who asked me once, with a straight face, if anal sex would rip her ass in half. I was amazed, to say the least, and sort of terrified by the way she seemed to have actually believed that anal sex can lead to such drastic consequences. This is one of the reasons why I keep writing these articles – people, if you read and do your research, anything that you find terrifying can turn exciting!

I will tell you what I told her: it wasn’t a single sentence, but more like the whole process of how to go about having anal sex without, ahem, ripping yourself open. So yeah, I’ll tell you now some poses and tips that worked for me. (Read: Please start small, don’t go about inserting a 13 inch dildo in your ass the first time because you’re uber-excited.)

Essential Tips For Anal Sex

  • The number one tip to give is you can’t rush anal. You need to be turned on in addition to using a lot of lubrication. Sit and imagine this, does the idea of something hard and full inside your ass, giving you sensations you’ve never felt before, turn you on? The answer can be yes or no but you need to be at least excited – engage in some sexy foreplay – to reach a ‘yes’ to the last question. Don’t let anyone force you into doing anything to your body that you don’t want to do.
  • Finding the right pose is the key. For first timers, it’s advised that they control how fast or deep they’re being penetrated. The go-to pose would be the receiver being on top. Slowly ride away to whatever speed you’re most comfortable with.
  • Use a toy first and see which position works best for you. A lot of people like the doggy pose as well, and there’s a good reason for it. The doggy pose helps both the partners to maintain a grip on each other and get in sync with the speed they’re both comfortable with. Use a sex toy to try out different poses to see which one makes you go more gaga.
toys for anal orgasm

Apart from the top three above, breathe and communicate what you’re feeling. Anal sex will lead to orgasm, but it will take some time to get used to it. Play with positions, start with sex toys, and don’t forget to wear that rubber!

Frequently Asked Questions about Anal Orgasm and Sex

Here you will find answers to common questions about anal sex and reaching an anal orgasm. If you have any additional questions, leave them in the comments below.

Will I bleed during anal sex? 

Ans. The first time, if not used proper lubrication, there is a chance of bleeding. But the bleeding should stop after the first two or three times. Although if it doesn’t, you must consult a doctor. If it hurts too much, stop and try after a few days. If the pain is unbearable, visit a doctor and get checked out. Simple as that!

How do I know I will definitely orgasm from anal sex?

Well, it’s easier for men to know when they’ve orgasmed but it is not so easy to say for women. Even though the butt is mostly anatomically similar in both of them – given how it is supposed to deliver shit out – as discussed above, women are prone to more intense orgasms than men, even in anal sex. But men have the prostate and stimulating it while engaging in the act of anal sex can lead to some really fun times. All in all, evidence supports earth-shattering orgasms. Yet, you can never be definitely sure if anal sex with make your eyes roll back.

A piece of advice would be, try a small sex toy first. You’ll be able to see if you like the feeling it gives to your butt. Many people know they want something else, preferably bigger, inserted in their butt after they’ve inserted a finger in first. If you like how you feel with a finger or say a butt plug, chances are anal sex is definitely for you.

Anal Orgasm: Takeaway

Anal sex needs some preparation, agreed, but the results are great. This article with its tips, along with some basic knowledge of how to groom yourself – cleaning your asshole, cutting your nails, loading up on the much-needed lube – can make anal sex the most pleasurable experience of your life. 

Keep safety in mind and understand that your body will itself let you know if anal sex is the thing for you. Don’t try to numb your senses with alcohol or other drugs because you might be afraid of the pain. You won’t feel pain more than once and above all, the pain lets you know how much you can take. 

Talk it out with a partner, study your bodies together and give anal sex a try. Or if you’re more into solo play, get yourself a prostate massager and let the magic happen!

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